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Christina Liljenberg Halstrøm



It's late (1:30 am) and I'm still awake trying to get caught up on emails. If you're keeping score, emails:1 / me:0.
I've been thinking all day about getting some kind of play gym for Elin and after Google searches proved that the selection out there is pretty disappointing I did however bump into some images from Christina's portfolio of work (I bet most of you would recognize her work for Skagerak). All is not lost! We'll talk about the baby play gym another time...
But for now let us collectively admire some work that is not disappointing. The first image is of wardrobes called Curtain, an easy access yet sleek solution to otherwise bulky wardrobes. An elegant solution that I love, especially the way the fabric creates these blocky dimensions and shadows.

Oh, and it's Friday, which is always a good thing. I hope everyone has a calm and relaxing weekend ahead of them!


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