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I haven't shared many photos of Elin outside of Instagram since she was born, sometimes between all of the feedings and crying I forget to take photos of her. Truly though, I never get tired of this view.


  1. See I'm the opposite Mama Paparazzi :)
    Completely mad about taking photos ...
    However, the best is in our arms doesn't matter much photos or ot we have the best time !

  2. Who could! she is so cute. Enjoy.

  3. She's a cutie! I have a baby girl too. She is now 3 months and 2 weeks old and I know what you mean by never getting tired of staring at her - it's the best thing in the whole world!

  4. Ohh this girl is so cute!! I saw your picture on Instagram from your two cuties, soooo lovely!!

  5. Precious pie!
    I had a baby girl Jan 15th and reveling at the awesomeness of this little life. You are terrific at capturing your little ones.
    May I ask, what camera are you using? Your photos are superb :)

  6. The prettiest picture. I'm a mom of 7 and with this last one I really made time to enjoy holding him. I haven't taken pictures of every little thing, but I'll have those precious memories of the time we spent together.

  7. She is the cutest :)

  8. congrats, she's beautiful!


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