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How bad is it to post a wishlist just a week after Christmas? No, don't answer that. I'm up late and haven't been able to fall asleep tonight. I remember this happening a lot with my first pregnancy, the closer I got to my due date the less I slept.
Well anyways, this gives me a chance to put together this wishlist which in my head I had done long before Christmas so better late than never...I hope.

Raft table | brass knobs | stackable glasses | complexion water | metal candle holder | slip on sneakers


  1. I did the same thing during my pregnancy, a lot of sleepless nights. I really love your wishlist though, the table is my favorite though

  2. Lovely collage! I have those glasses from Menu but I already managed to break one :/ The glass is so thin. Have to get one more.. I love those hooks too!


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