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I feel like I need to apologize for the spotty posting this week. While I'd love to post more frequently and have more thought out articles the truth is some days I'm just so tired or don't feel well and things don't all seem to come together. Thankfully I'm finished with my first trimester of pregnancy but it's still been a bit rough. And at times I still have moments when I feel so heartbroken over losing my dad just 2 1/2 months ago. I miss him every day and have so much I want to share with him but can't, it's beyond frustrating.
But I have still gotten some things done. My jewelry shop has been stocked with some updated items, including these grey & copper earrings above.

I'm signing off for the weekend as I have some catching up to do work wise as well as around the house but before I do here are some noteworthy links to get your weekend started.

My kind sponsor Twig is offering AMM blog readers a special discount of 15% off storewide (even on sale items) valid from today until Tuesday! Use code AMM15 at checkout for your discount.

The ideal outside living area, complete with peonies and lanterns.

Australian based store The Minimalist has just opened a NYC branch, make sure to check it out here.

I love the cool toned styling in this post from Ikea's blog.

H&M has (finally!) opened their webshop, including their lines of home goods here in the US. When we were in Stockholm we visited their store and brought home some great bedding.

These new Oona rugs from Normann Copenhagen are so perfect, their unusual shape and simple lined detail would fit perfectly in our home.

I'm someone who loves lemon juice and I want to get every last drop I can out of each wedge. This turn around juicer from Muuto has a thick base that I think would make it easy to really make the most of those citrus fruits.

Until next week!


  1. Beautiful new items in your lovely shop, I wish you a lovely weekend, and I really hope that you can feel much better, stay strong and surround with the people who love you like your beautiful family.


  2. I wish you well and the healing take time...thanks for sharing the links!!!! my best Clara

  3. Have a nice weekend and recharge. Lovely links, i love H&M too, got to know them in Italy and Zurich, and bought some pretty things too, even stockings jejee. Hope they open soon in Costa Rica, sure they will. So glad you have them online.

  4. That juicer would be something for me! :-)


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