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ready for Autumn?



Danish House Doctor just released their Autumn/Winter catalog with subtle Christmas themes scattered throughout. Is it too soon to start thinking of Winter for you?
For me I welcome it! The Summer gets too hot in the northwest and I crave the milder temperatures, which we only get in the Fall.


  1. Not to soon at all! I live in Florida where its too hot to do anything and I miss being outdoors. So I start dreaming about cooler temps around June!

  2. I do love House Doctor! :-)

  3. OMG. Wrote about that too, also about EST Magazine #10. Is so inspiring.
    Cant wait for Christmas decoration. Is so welcome for me too.

  4. I can't even wrap my head around Christmas yet. But Im smitten with the neutral color pallet they used for the holiday decor, including the pop of copper and black. Very sharp


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