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I've been playing catch up (though I'm nowhere near there yet) so my day has been at the computer, getting lots of work done. Currently this corner of my living is the only place in the house that resembles tidiness. My desk is covered in things, Israel's room is littered in toys and books and coloring books, the laundry room is brimming with clothes and towels needing to be folded and my bed is definitely unmade.
So I'm just going to focus on the positive, at least one spot in the house isn't a mess.


  1. That print always catches my eye! Where did you get such a beauty?

  2. A wonderful spot to focus on. Simply gorgeous!

  3. How beautiful is your home? I mean..seriously, you have the best taste ever!

  4. I love the color theme of your house and how everything is complementing one another so well :)

  5. And that one spot is so gorgeous!

  6. Happy birthday Jennifer! Hope you're having a lovely messy(?) day!

  7. More than I can say! Your place looks beautiful :)

  8. Is that a Harry Bertoia chair - I'd love one of those.

  9. I love that artist. If it is who I think it is then her instagram account is amazing!


  10. I cannot get over how amazing your home is. It is absolutely gorgeous and so inspiring! I'm sure the rest of the house doesn't even look that bad. ;) ha!
    And it really is so good to focus on the positive. I need to do that more!
    XO, Kenzie

  11. Focus is a constant challenge and with kids it's sometimes hard! Love your blog and your style! Take care :)

  12. Please, please let me know the name of the sideboard. It's from IKEA, right? I was soo close to buy this a while back, but didn't... now I want it badly, but fear it's not in the shop anylonger... THANKS a LOT for helping!!

    Best regards
    Malin in Stockholm, Sweden


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