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Since this week has been so busy, as I mentioned, so consequently I think the bed has only been made once this week.

Ya, I'm going to go make it right now.

Israel loves being in our bed and teases me by saying, "I take a nap, good night!". We know better than to believe him since he does this in the middle of the day but he loves to pretend he's sleeping by laying down, covering himself up and breathing loudly. I ask him if that's how he breathes when he's asleep, he says yes.
Ok, Israel. ;)


  1. He is so beautiful, lovely and sweet photo, my son love our bed too and I remember when I was little I love my parents bed : ) .

    1. I love my parents bed too! That was one of the biggest comforts when I was sick, sleeping in their bed. :)

  2. That is adorable! He sound like such a fun, loving, playful little guy. :) P.S. I would curl up in your bed looks so comfy!

  3. Haha, that´s so sweet...
    : )

    Have a great weekend,
    hope you´ll get some time
    to really breathe!


  4. Those domestic scenes are precious! Such a cute little man :)

  5. Tayvee has been doing the same things lately! She loves to make snoring noises, and then she makes us touch her nose to get her to "wake up." Though sometimes, she just sings "snoring noises snoring noises" instead of actually making them. Kids are so funny!! Love you Israel!!

  6. He is beautiful- what a wee darling, Jxx

  7. Such a cute (and dare I say a little devilish?) smile!

  8. i cant get over the clarity in your photos!! so professional looking! cute boy~!!

  9. these are the most precious photographs ever. you're bedding is pretty great, but who even notices when you have such a happy child hiding in there. this just made my day.

  10. Ditto on the comment above! The bedding is fabulous, but the happy boy is even better! And my husband's name is Israel :)
    ps. I have a pair of your earrings, and love them.


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