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I always debate whether or not I should keep this desk in our room. It faces our bed on a long wall and I think if I replaced it with 2 long white dressers I might like it better. But then, I really like the color of this wood. I found the desk at a thrift store last year for $14. I sanded it and refinished the wood. Though it's still a bit shinier than I wanted I do love the color and it's complimentary to our light wood bed & all white bedding.
Mostly though, I just like that I could put a few of my favorite things here. The Himmelli light cord was made for me by Melissa of AMRadio and the cat poster was purchased here. The block lamp is from here and they surround a few books I like and some postcards. The boxes are old wine crates we painted and the vintage pottery is West German that I collected from Etsy & ebay. The FDB Mobler chair was a steal that I found on ebay for $10 and painted black, the wood was in very poor condition.
I might change things up a bit in the coming months but for now, I like this little area in our room.


  1. These details are incredible, Jennifer! I'll take that desk if you ever decide to get rid of it ;)

  2. Keep it all just as you have it. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your space. especially the desk and your artwork :) Gorge!

  3. Love your blog and your house. I posted something about it on my blog, hope you don't mind!

  4. oooh my god. great blog. i fell in love at first sight :).
    thank u for ure comment.
    take care//jennifer

  5. I LOVE your desk area!! If you take the desk away, I'm sure the white dressers would be amazing too, but it is awesome right now!! BTW- i thought of you yesterday. I gave one of my dear friends a pair of your earrings and she flipped out! She LOVED them!! I told her it was a good thing I bought two pairs of the same color, otherwise she would never have gotten them! :-)

    1. Ya, I still think I could go either way but I don't really have need to big dressers so it probably won't happen.
      You're so sweet Tina, I'm glad you like the earrings aaan that your friend does as well! Hopefully I can sell some on person.

      Hope you're well.

  6. Looks fantastic.

  7. That desk is fantastic! Love it, don't leave it:)

  8. Oh my goodness, I LOVE that desk! It looks great, definitely keep it!


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