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day at the park


We went to the park last week. Israel was in heaven with all of the play ground toys, poor guy doesn't get to go as often as he'd like. We also went for a little hike and then home for a bath and homemade Abelskivers. I was disappointed at how they turned out, tasted great but sort of saucer shaped and not spheres. I'm going to keep practicing, eventually I'll get it right, I hope!


  1. Beautiful photos, great view and I imagine that your son had a great time, my son loves going to the park also.

  2. abelskivers! yum! my dad used to make them for us every sunday morning. my sister tried making them once - unsuccessfully - i think it takes alot of practice to get them right. i haven't tried yet :)

  3. Beautiful images!

    Here in Denmark (the land og Æbleskiver :)) I know almost no one who makes them themselves -every body buys them prefabricated - so that is the only reason why Danish æbleskiver is always round -that, and then the only ones who makes them themselves are grandmothers who has a lot of practice!

  4. Looks like a great day. Love the photo taken downhill.
    In NL they have a thing called "poffertjes", they look the same as your Abelskivers. Little pancakes and you eat them with applesyrup.

  5. well, they sure look lovely to me! : )

  6. ...that is how æbleskiver looks when they are homemade, so they are absolutely perfect!!

  7. what adorable everyday photos! these are so lovely. israel is getting so big, his legs are so long! :)

  8. these are such beautiful pictures. where do you live? the scenery is absolutely stunning! xoxo

  9. gorgeous photos :)

    keep going :P

  10. I agree that the æbleskiver looks very perfect and home made! Yummy! However, don't be afraid to add a LOT of pastry into the cups in the pan. The pastry might flow outside the cups but when you turn them around (a knitting pin or two is the perfect tool for this) you can "stuff" the pastry down the cups.. the more pastry the more round (if that makes sense)

  11. Camel's Back!! I love seeing Boise through your photos. This is such a wonderful city to live in :-)

    1. I'm so glad to hear that, happy you enjoy it. I should take more photos of the city.


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