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AlexandAlexa sent this cute little classic car to Israel. I really wanted the white one, color looks so ugly on our even uglier carpets, and by mistake the red one was sent. As soon as I let them know, this beautiful book was sent over as a gift!
We love them both and the car was an instant hit with Israel. He calls it his "new car" or "red car". Thankfully, it's also big enough for him to grow into some so this will last him a while.

Let me just say again how much we love this little car, I am not complaining, I just wanted to explain what happened to express how wonderful AlexandAlexa's customer service is and how prompt they were. It's a lovely car, even the red is wonderful, we are happy with it and thankful for such a fun new toy!


  1. that's a beautiful car, I love the color! I can imagine he was happy to get it :)


  2. love the car-think it is great i red!

  3. That's a cool car, love the color and the book look nice too.

  4. That's an adorable little car, but why would you complain about a free product?

  5. Q-I'm not complaining, I'm simply explaining that they sent us the sweet book because of the mistake.
    I'm giving them credit for great customer service.

  6. I love toys with classic looks to them. Lucky guy. :)

  7. yikes, I took it the same way.

  8. aww lucky munkey:) that's a beautiful car. i wanted it for maki but i think he may be too big for it:P


  9. what a merry mishap! you gotta have a classic sports car in red anyway x


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