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We all drove to Bend, again, over the weekend. I was nervous about how Israel would do riding in the car for 5 hours, but with the help of toys, snacks, and movies on the ipad, he did really well!
We stayed with Jeremiah's aunt, who collects a lot of vintage & antique things.
It might just be me, but the terrain in Central Oregon is not pretty. A lot of volcanic rock equals ugly trees & shrubs.
Israel loved seeing the horses, rabbits and dogs. He spent one afternoon chasing the dogs through the yard with his cousins. I think he needs a pet, but I'm not ready for that.
It was a nice trip but I like being back home. So much to do and it's amazing how three days off will multiply your to-do list.


  1. absolutely gorgeous photos, jennifer! looks like a lovely time.

  2. beautiful pictures, enjoyed looking at them. love how they match the Thanksgiving theme with family & nature.

  3. oh my gosh, israel is so funny with that bag on his head!!! these are such great photos. that horse looks like it has human hair!

  4. The pictures of the horses are so dreamlike!

  5. It depends who you ask. I think Central Oregon is breathtaking.

  6. Sarah-Yes, it's all in the eye of the beholder, right? My husband agrees with you, and that's totally cool!

  7. Those baby boots are ADORABLE!

  8. Love this photo of the horse :) such pretty hair :)

  9. Beautiful images, the horse is beautiful, have a lovely day.

  10. beautiful photos! the ones of the horse are especially stunning. You really have a good eye!

  11. I was just thinking, "that looks like Central Oregon." And it is! You're right though. The terrain here is terrible. I would move to the valley where there's green things besides pine and no snow in a second!

    1. There are a lot of fields with tumbleweeds & those trees with really rough bark. The forests are beautiful but the arid parts are not my favorite.


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