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It's been a busy week, working on orders and trying to upload all of these new pieces I worked on a few weeks ago, but they're here and I'm excited to show you! I've got some new triangle pendants & earrings in all new colors, as well as the faceted posts in new shades as well. I'm most excited about these brass pendant necklaces! I made the beads by hand and strung them together with these 3D sort of pendants. I hope you like them too. Check them out right here.

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. such lovely jewellery! really like your new logo too!

  2. I love how your designs keep evolving. It's so nice to see such a variety of shapes and colors; you're really evolving and it's so much fun to see.

  3. I love the triangle earrings (and I don't normally get the whole 'woo triangles!) thing! x


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