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today is Mother's Day


mom's day
I can't believe I've never posted a photo of my mother, what's wrong with me? She's an incredibly beautiful woman, more than blog-worthy!
If you don't like to read lovey dovey blog posts, you may want to look away for this one because it's about to head in that direction.

There's no possible way I could explain to you what my mom means to me, or how much I love & adore her. I can tell you that she was born to be a mother. Of course she's capable of doing so much more, but she's just a natural. Growing up as her daughter has been one of the greatest honors I think I'll ever know. She gave all of herself, all of her resources to raise my sister and I with the very best.
When I'd wake up from a nightmare, she would lay in bed next to me, rubbing my back until I fell asleep, missing out on precious sleep for herself. When driving through the country, passing by a mother cow giving birth, she would pull the car over to explain the wonders of new life. She would give up clothes for herself if it meant my sister and I would have new ones. She was the one who first encouraged my own creativity. Always buying me new crafts and projects to work on, she tirelessly taught me everything she knew about life. Who taught me how to cook eggs, how to sew, how to plant, how to laugh and be kind and think of others? She did. My mom was the one who went with me to every dress fitting and helped me pick out bouquets and cake frosting and hairstyles for my wedding. And how did she always have so much patience with me? I did not make it easy on her, yet she showed me love when I just wanted to rebel. Never did she show selfishness or impose her dreams for our lives on us.
She's the reason I am the wife and mother I am today. The reason that even when I feel that I'm in a situation so beyond my own ability, I think of how she would respond and I only want to be more like her. It's impossible to say that my mom isn't ridiculously generous, always stopping by our house in her way home (thought it's completely out of the way) to bring a toy or snack or new clothes for Israel.
She spends her days teaching young bilingual students, going to meetings, talking to parents, studying curriculums, studying for her graduate classes and even taking on extra fund raisers and organizing programs for students & their parents. Staying at home on the weekends and evenings to be home for my sister, even if just to see her for a moment.
The picture of a faithful wife, she's loved by everyone around her. Her sisters confide in her, her parents trust her, her friends admire her, her grandson is infatuated with her and I love her. How could I ever repay her for making me and everyone around her, including hundreds of 4th grade students, the people we are today. I can't. I can tell all of you that she's the best mother I could have asked for. Given the option of any woman on the earth, who ever lived or who ever will, and I would pick her. A million times over!
I love you mom, Happy Mother's Day!

And here's what we did today. Went for lunch and some window shopping. I found a dress that I fell in love with, see it here. Maybe I can put something aside for that thing, it's gorgeous! Jeremiah also bought me some flowers, I'll have to take pictures some other time. It's always a good mother's day when I get to be with my favorite boys!


  1. this is so touching. i love this. xo

  2. so beautiful jenn. you look so much like your mom! she sounds like a phenomenal person--i see where you get it from!

    happy mother's day!

  3. She sounds super great.
    I'm sure you've got a lot of her in you!

    My mother has such a fierce love for us.
    I can only think of a lioness when I think of how strong she's been for me, all the time, no matter what.

    Happy Mother's Day!

  4. This was so sweet! :D Hope you had a great weekend!

  5. Her beauty is clearly hereditary; what a wonderful post. And that last photograph is equally wonderful - I love the shadows!

  6. so lovely, you and your mom are lucky to have such a wonderful relationship and now your son will have two amazing women to learn from : )

  7. wonderful words. She must be a special woman.

  8. your mum is gorgeous! i received my earrings today...all that way. my 7yr old whilst eating her pasta tonight said "mum i love your new earrings they are really bright & happy!"...thank you. dayle

  9. That's a very, very sweet post. Happy Mother's Day to you...belated!

  10. I love that pic of you and your mom!!!!


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