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going outside


On nice days, Israel is obsessed with being outside. I can't blame him, I too want to be outdoors. We don't have a fenced in backyard though, barely a yard at all actually, so leaving the house isn't as fun as he hoped.
Behind our driveway there lives this horse. Israel is quite taken with him, laughing if ever he sees the horse's eyes peek over the fence. Personally, I think the horse is a jerk, walking away from us when we try to come say hi, sometimes just running in the opposite direction or doing what you can see in the picture, giving us his butt.
Still Israel thinks he's pretty nice, so who am I to tell him different?
I've done a little bit of planting including some Lamb's Ear, one of my most favorite plants! I'd still like to fill up the small raised beds we made with vegetables, but first we need lots of dirt to fill those babies up! I'll keep you updated, since I know you're just dying to know.


  1. I love these photos, I can't blame Israel either. Is he feeling better?

  2. Great photos! Love the VAEGO chairs.

  3. ahhh wicker hoop chair!!! I just got one off craigslist, but I was bummed that the lady was keeping the matching one, boo, and yes I agree love the vaego chairs, I'm trying to get 4 for the yard.

  4. hee hee what a rude horse! Love the lambs' ear, I just want to stroke it so bad...

  5. amazing photos

  6. i missed seeing little israel! yay!

  7. Thank you! Horses ARE total jerks! We used to have some and I always felt like they thought they were better than us. This horse you've met is not an exception to horse rules. Ours always went running in the opposite direction whenever we were around.

    I love lamb's ears, too. I'll have to remember to plant some when I can.


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