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the past couple days


I feel like I've been a neglectful blogger and I'm sorry. The last few days we've been spending together since Jeremiah has had vacation time he needed to use up. I wish I could say we've done something exciting but we haven't, mostly sleeping in, having breakfast late and running errands. Fun, right? Well actually we love being together so it's fun for us.
I forgot to mention this lamp from a few weeks ago, found it while thrifting for $2. It's so perfect for the living room where we needed just a little bit more light in the corner without having a full size table lamp.

Israel has needed a bath every morning for the last week, he wakes up drenched in pee, poor baby! Is this a boy thing or something to do with 18 mos? It seems even with night-time diapers, we can't prevent leaks on a daily basis. He loves baths so much and it's a great way to start the morning so I don't really mind.

The other night Jeremiah and I went out for a Monte Cristo, a very rare indulgence since we feel terrible immediately after, but boy are they good!

And of course, I've been maintaining the shop. It's a lot of work and I don't always have the time I'd like to invest into it but I'm always happy to see people responding so well to it and leaving positive feedback. I always want to hear that customers are happy when they receive their handmade jewelry, what more could you hope for?


  1. don't beat yourself up about blogging. you blog plenty! love to see your gorgeous home - great lamp! and that shot of the little guy in the bath is pretty sweet. :)

  2. i think your little guy is just going through a new growing stage. i had the same thing happening with my little one couple of months ago. she grew out of it
    have fun, bathtime is my favourite

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  4. I'm still trying to recover from Monte. Yes, were on first name basis and no longer strangers.

  5. I was thinking of you, happy to see your new post and glad to know you are all well. Take care and enjoy your time together, we rarely do anything exciting now, there is always errands to run, and sleep, that is almost as luxury as vacation. Have a great weekend.

  6. LOVE this post! Umm and that monte is KILLING ME! Too late for me to make one now lol dangit! Love ya

  7. noa is 5 month old, and since he wakes up ones a night to nurse, i also change his diapers, otherwise he will wake up being all wet... i also thought it to be a boys thing, but not all boys i know had that problem. he seems to pee more at night than during the day :-( i VERY MUCH hope he'll grow out of it SOON.

  8. I like what you said. Doesn't matter what you do, being together is what you enjoy.

  9. What great family time!

    That ring OMG gorgeous beyond!!

    Art by Karena

  10. you didn't post a lot? I think you posted! the blog has to be a pleasure first...not a duty. Enjoy it and we'll enjoy it as well :D
    The lamp is really cool and your little baby is super-cute!
    Have a nice time.


  11. Hi, my son wets himself sometimes at night too. I usually put him in a nappy a 'size up' and that usually works.

  12. my daughter was a huge night time wetter! i used cloth diapers, so it was especially hard to control the leaks. the wool covers are a great option! even if you dont use cloth, you could use any type of a cloth diaper cover to solve your problem. my favorite resource is that helps

  13. i think it's a boy thing, my little one is also 18 month, and we have often the same story like you...

  14. Ahhh, I remember the good ole days of night wetting. My son has always slept deeper than my girl, so he would wake up wet and not even notice. Is it weird that I miss those baby things now that mine are 4 and 6?

    I received my earrings and ring yesterday and had been meaning to let you know how amazing they are! When I first opened the ring, my little Harper got so excited and said, "sooooo pretty mommy!!!" So you already have a 4 year old fan. Congrats!

    Thank you again...glad to hear life is plugging along nicely.

  15. so glad to hear that you guys got to spend lots of time together the last few days. and oscar's the same way -- he wakes up wet most of the time and so far i haven't found anything that'll keep him dry every night!

  16. Our son went throughout the same thing. We also had a period of him waking at 11 every night for a while to go. It will pass! Promise!

  17. I love your furnishing and the new lamp fits in just perfectly!

  18. My 19 month old boy is going through the same wet situation!!

  19. i love seeing shots of your uber modern house. :)

  20. your jewelry is looking good!!

    it's always nice to have some family time where not much is done except enjoy the company.

    have you ever thought of putting Israel in the shower with you? it saves so much time, my girl loves it, she is becoming a shower hog, in fact i can't remember the last time she had a bath?


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