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a week of the freeze


Somehow we've made it a whole week with our spending freeze. I wish I could tell you
we've had some exciting alternative activities to buying but we have really just been
home more. If it were any kind of reasonable temperature outside, I'd love to be outdoors
and take Israel to the park, or to feed the ducks, but a week of freezing temps excludes
outdoor activities. I have, though, been trying to brush up on my cooking skills as many
nights we end up making a bowl of cereal our dinner.
Last night I made stir fry, which I had actually never made before. It turned out great
and the whole family enjoyed it, Israel only able to have the squash and noodles though.
Oh, don't worry, I didn't let him eat that almond slice he snatched form my plate. He's
scary quick!

Oh, and I'd love to offer a recipe but there really was no need for one here, just cooking
meat, adding vegetables, noodles and sauce. Totally easy.


  1. I like you eat cereal for dinner.
    I do that when I am home alone, hehehe

  2. I really admire your determination - I love the idea of a spending freeze but if I am honest I am a spending addict. Good luck with the rest of the month!

    Blue Skies,
    Charlotte xo

  3. that looks delish! I've never made stir fry. It's sooo easy, yet I always feel like I'm bound to mess it up.

  4. since i started to live on my own i started to learn how to cook, just knew the basics, and it began to be something that i really enjoyed and even relaxed me. there were many late nights at work that ended up in my kitchen cooking something not quite appropriate for that time of day... or night! :) now, because of this recipe of yours i just order my weekly shopping so that i remembered of all those!! :) have a great weekend! twiggs


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