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free lunch


I mentioned in the previous post that I was thrifting with my sister but I didn't say
that we stopped and had lunch at this really great Vietnamese baguette deli. We each
ordered different sandwiches and split them with each each so we each had a half of a
teriyaki chicken and meatball baguette along with a Boba green tea smoothie. I love the
little tapioca beads at the bottom and those super fat straws they serve the drinks with.
Oh, and she was kind enough to treat me, although I bought the only a tiny bit
of a cheat from the spending freeze.
Oh, and I know these look like Cilantro sandwiches but trust me, there was meat in there too!


  1. Yum, I could eat bahn mi every day, any day. I still have a map in my head of the best spots in NYC. Sigh.

  2. I have yet to eat a Vietnamese sandwich but have heard nothing but good things!

  3. My favorite sammich ever...the pickled veg and cilantro are brilliant.
    Bahn mi is original fusion food.

  4. You now have me craving boba! By far the tastiest drinks :)

  5. i had bahn mi for dinner tonight! can't wait to see your finds!

  6. that looks crazy delicious. I'm seriously craving some bubble tea now

  7. That place rocks! And its soooo cheap!

  8. i <3 vietnamese sandwiches~ this looks great!

  9. Oh man, it is the world's most perfect sammie!!! I am addicted - in case any of you want to make one at home they are quite easy:


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