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more purple


Alright. I think I'm really beginning to warm up to this color, folks. I talked about
the color not too long ago right here and I'm back to the issue again. I guess when you see it used
so well, how could you not like the color? In this case, it's got more red, almost pink
and looks so good in this bedroom. I still doubt that I could implement it in my own home
as long as I have wall to wall nasty, (also known as carpet) but it's something to file
away for when we move someday.
Note the amazing kilim rug and pillows.


  1. I'm beginning to warm up to purple. I'm realizing that I love red too much and have decided to warm up to purple...I'm currently using this wonderful batik throw I bought in Australia. That dash of color seems to have completely changed the mood of our bedroom.

  2. I was just about to say that I died over the rug but I hadn't read all of your post yet!!

  3. Love the kilim and the purple is beautiful. I still have yet to use it in my own home though...

  4. I hate me some purple, but I can almost tolerate the lovely warm shades of plum you have up here.

  5. Style-ha, ha! Ok, relieved you can tolerate this version, phew!

  6. Lovely home and the dash of purple looks nice.

  7. like the decoration idea :) and the kangaroo :)

  8. Just found my way here via the seventy tree. You have a great blog! And I love your Christmas tree :)

  9. LOVE purple....lovely images!

  10. Don't think I have ever really used purple in my home, but this is beautiful! I am bound to like anything so long as the walls and floors are whitewashed. It's my weakness. :)


  11. i could totally tolerate it if those top 4 photos were my home.

  12. I love those all! Especially the kilim rug! Where is it from?
    ANd the one in bed (in the last picture)

    Do you know?
    I would be so happy


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