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West Africa


This is not at all Thanksgiving related but I thought I would squeeze this in before
all the festivities tomorrow.
Isn't this place a beauty? I love that it's in Africa, not a place we see too often
in these circles. The mixture of woods is so interesting to me but not overdone paired
with good old white walls. Notice the slatted wall on the exterior still gives the
feeling of privacy but lets light in. Even though I appreciate a crisp white sofa,
this cobalt blue one looks pretty handsome next to all that wood too.

sourced here and here


  1. Woooow, this looks amazing - what a stylish african home and you are right: you don't see this too often. Ohter priorities?

  2. very cool home....looks very liveable & great use of colour!

  3. I love the exposed plumbing in the kitchen, super unique.

  4. yes, that place is a beauty. i love it!

  5. that kitchen is incredible. i would never pick it for myself but am totally inspired by it!

  6. I am dying over that open sink area. Gorgeous!


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