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Etsy gift guide


Etsy gift guide
Go here to see my little compilation of handmade and vintage gift ideas, I hope you
like them. I tried to cover everyone, within reason, because I know how hard some
people can be to shop for. Really, people, Etsy is one of the best places to buy gifts!

Also, this is the last of these sort of compiled images I will be posting in a long
while, trust me. Sorry.

Oh, and I used that same photo from my hair post a while back. I know it's not great
but something is better than nothing!


  1. i pretty much love just about everything in your collection. nicely done!

  2. i am totally LOVING everything i am seeing here!!

  3. I always enjoy looking at your esty picks, wonderful taste! And thanks for sharing those gift ideas, I pretty much like them all and want them all!

  4. what an incredibly sweet gift guide jenn! loved seeing it on etsy front page!

  5. what a great list. I like how you have something for everyone. this is what I have in mind for xmas shopping. sure beats going to the mall!
    thank you.

  6. Such a great guide - LOVE the jewelry and thanks!

  7. great gift guide. thanks for sharing.

  8. seriously nice guide~ I would love for someone to gift me those tassel earrings ;D

  9. Absolutely lovely, is it wrong that I want it all.

  10. just a bit behind on my reading - but wanted to say what a fabulous collection!


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