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black, white, red in Sweden


Does everyone in Sweden live in fantastic apartments? It seems so. Now to contradict
myself, I think I'd like a red sofa. It's more forgiving than white I assume. A red
sofa would be a terrible idea in our current house but it's not out of the question
if we move in the Spring. Hmm...and then maybe I'll just stick with gray.


  1. There's just something about Swedish design, isn't there? Spartan but stylish; and those splashes of red.

  2. Amazing! too cool for words!

  3. I'm really loving the dashes of red and it's just an overall cool pad!

  4. i get the impression they all live in fantastic apartments & are all blonde & beautiful!!!! love the cushions on the white lounge - last pic.

  5. I really love sweden!!! I'm in love with scandinavian design!!!


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