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I am more than ready for Fall dressing, am I the only one? The warm days seem to be
lingering here and I've overheard several people sharing their gratefulness for the
extended Summer, what?! Enough, I say. Here's a little something to get you in the
mood for my favorite season and all of the great colors and fabrics it brings!



  1. YUM! i love this post and every single item you've highlighted. So pretty. I too am ready for Fall and have been sweating my arse off in Dallas just trying to make Fall happen!

  2. Oh I adore everything here too! So lush and pretty! Longing for is so hot here in NC. It makes me miss my home in Canada even more this time of year.

  3. autumn is my favorite season as well! i'm so glad the tights and boots weather finally started in montreal! great picks you have here.

  4. LOVE that snake belt...fall is definitely my favorite time of year for clothes and what not!

  5. this details are really amazing.

  6. Fall is actually my favorite fashion season. So many fun accessories and layers:)

  7. I like fall. I like that time when leaves are still in trees but when they have fallen on the ground I rather stay inside. Summer is my favorite time of year but I agree that Fall dressing is lovely. I adore boots and legwarmers, sweaters and scarves and cloves. I like to layer clothes also. :)


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