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I haven't shared pictures of Israel lately, who is now 9 1/2 mos old!
He's such a fun baby. Today we went for a walk and visited the horse
in our backyard, not exactly our backyard but it's right behind our
house, and Israel thought he was hilarious! He kept giggling at every
movement the horse made. Am I missing something? What's so funny? We
laughed together anyways-I'm sure the horse thought we were ridiculous.
He really knows how to make the most mundane activities fun!


  1. He's adorable! My son Zion, who is 16 months old does the same thing too...he'll just burst into laughter when he hears a new sound or sees something that he finds funny! I love refreshing:-).

  2. What an adorable cutie-pie!! Does anyone else just want to squeeze those little cheeks! Awww...I love chubby baby cheeks!


  3. 9.5 months already! what a big boy, he is. it's nice to know that his sense of humor is just going to get better. I hung out with my niece who is going on 2 and she's is hilarious and has such an infectious laugh.

  4. So cute and adorable!!

  5. Love that little guy!Bring him here, and he can laugh at our horses all he wants!! :D

  6. i have to tell you - i am not even a "kid person", not even close,but these photos of your bundle really do something to me, he's just a character!

  7. what a cute baby boy, and what a lovely home you've got missy!

  8. he is so adorable. how cute that he's a giggler and lover of life! what a magical little person :)


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