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6 months


Israel, 6 months
Six months ago today you were born. I was in labor for about 20 hours
before you finally came out to meet us. I remember that day so well.
I woke at 3 am with the smallest contractions but I paid no attention
because I was 16 days past my due date and I had been through this before.
As the morning progressed, so did the contractions.
At about 10:30 that morning I called our Doula. She wanted us to check back
with her in a couple hours to let her know how I was doing. Your dad and I
went for a walk, stopping so I could breath through "another one." We went to
the store and I tried very hard to act like I wasn't in labor as we bought
a sports bra for the labor. I baked banana bread, to keep my mind busy but
not tire myself, plus it filled the house with a wonderfully familiar aroma.
Our doula arrived around 3:30, just in time to watch my contractions go from
5-4 mins apart to 2-3 mins apart. Within an hour we were in the car and on
our way to the birthing center.
I was so excited. After two and a half weeks of thinking you could come at
any moment, I was so happy the time had finally come! Your daddy was so
perfect, calm and encouraging. I don't want to get into all of the little
details of the real labor but let's just say that a little over 5 hours at
the birthing center, and 40 mins of pushing with all my might, you arrived
8 lbs 2 oz and 22" long. Long and thin you were, with the biggest feet!
I remember that moment of swooping your naked little body up in my arms
and holding you to my neck. It was a feeling full of so much adrenaline
and relief at the same time! I finally got to look at the tiny person who
had been moving and kicking around in me for the past 9 months. You were
perfection, bald perfection! I can remember laying next to you, now clothed
and swaddled, memorizing your every shape. Smelling your head over and over
again. Rubbing your little back as I listened to you breath. Smelling your
sweet breath.
And here we are now, 6 whole months later. Once the tiny, helpless little
person now wants to sit on his own, and turn the pages of books when we read.
You get upset when I take anything from you but smile every time daddy walks
in the door from work. You laugh a lot, smile a lot, roll a lot and sleep little.
You watch everything we do, reach out to pet Fiona when she walks by. You
hold my hand and play with my fingers, eyes shut, while you nurse. The cutest
in the morning, you babble on and on and smile the second I lean over the crib.
You hold your arms out when you want me to pick you up and help me dress you.
You've changed our lives in so many ways. You've made us much more patient,
loving, playful, messy, carefree, appreciative people and we thank you for that.
Israel, on this 6 month anniversary of the day we met you, know that we love
you more than anything else and excitedly look forward to many more anniversaries
with you!


  1. what a beautiful post.. i loved reading that. thanks for sharing a bit of your birth story! beautiful beautiful.

  2. Ok so did you cry your way through writing this? Because I was teary eyed reading it! What a beautiful prose of love!

  3. So beautiful! The love we feel for our children is unexplainable. Unimaginable to the people we were before they came into our lives. Happy half-birthday little man!

  4. what a sweet post! six months is such a fun age -- it'll keep getting better too!

  5. Wow! 6 months already!! How amazing. Love you girl. :)

  6. Beatuiful, I am crying.

  7. LOVE those giant blue eyes. your blog makes me want a little bebe of my own.

  8. What a beautiful and utterly touching post. I look forward to the time when I become a mother and have a story that touching in my memories.

  9. awww.. sweet boy!! i just love him:)

  10. I came upon your blog through Alison at A Pair of Aviators, and I'm so glad I did. This is such a beautiful post. I don't have children and find the thought terrifying, frankly, but so many different women have told me that it is an indescribable, life-altering experience, and this piece of writing illustrated that opinion brilliantly. I'll be following you for sure!


    Ms. Seberg

  11. OHHHHHH what a CUTIE!!!!!!!

  12. Ohhhhhhh, what a touching prose dedicated to your sweet,beautiful Israel. I can hardly eyes are very teary. I am very proud of you for being such a wonderful, caring and dedicated mami. I admire Jeremiah also for being a good and loving papi also! God bless you all!!!!!

  13. So sweet. I loved reading that. I think our sons were born within a few days of each other and this post brought back my own memories. Thanks for sharing it with us.

    If you don't mind me asking - where did you get your high chair?

  14. ahhh so sweet, thanks for sharing!
    and thanks for pop by :)

  15. Jenn,
    Tears are running down my face. Your birth story comes so close to describing just how amazing Israel's birth was!
    It was a delight to bear witness to it.

    Happy 6 months, little man!


  16. Rose-the high chair is an Anka high chair by Scandinavian child.


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