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The Future is now / activities for the whole family


by Laura Short

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This year of 2016 is over and there are lots of things that have made the past year really great for me. Giving birth to a healthy baby boy is by far top of my list, but also the interaction between both kids has me thinking that the love between siblings is incomparable and the most beautiful thing for a mother to see. That has been my biggest joy over the course of 2016, which was also filled with many life changing events such as moving house and planning to move country.

Every year feels like a fresh start and although you can start a new every single day, for some reason, the beginning of January always seems to be more suited and you are more motivated as everyone is joining you in their resolutions.


Over the period of Christmas, both my husband and my oldest son are off work and school. It is a time for us all to relax, revise and plan our future. But also to live slowly, and in the moment. We try to do something lovely every day and having two kids with an age gap really has its benefits but can be quite tricky too.

Here are some things that we like to do which are fun for all ages and for the entire family:

- Forest visitor's centres

In every big forest you can usually find a visitor's center. They will have all sorts of brochures on the best routes to walk, showcase the animals that you can find in the area and usually have fun games like The Feely Log! Try finding some things in the Visitor's center that you are going to look for in the forest after.

- Swimming

Always a good idea no matter what age. Being with two parents also allows my eldest to practise his swimming abilities as my husband guides him whilst I am relaxing in the baby pool! There are also usually family tickets available to buy which save you quite a bit of money. It also might be useful to look up a chlorine free pool in your area, this is much better for your babies' skin.

- The Library

The smell of the wooden shelves, the books on offer and their cozy reading area make this our favourite place to be. Looking for books to rent out is a lovely way to spend your time and it also teaches children about looking after other people's property and responsibility. usually there is always a special section dedicated to a season or what time of year. For example, this year we found many lovely Christmas stories by Elsa Beskow and also classics like A Christmas Carol made into a cartoon, which Magnus is really into at the moment.

I hope that has given you some inspiration for time off with the children. I want to wish you all a very happy and healthy new year!


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