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winter light


AMM blog | appreciating winter light
AMM blog | appreciating winter light

It's really feeling like winter now. There's a bite of cold when you step outside and even in the middle of the day a dull grayness is all around. The corners and nooks of the house that would have been filled with summer light are now heavy with deep shadows. The window of time I have during the day to take photos is getting smaller and smaller. So my photos are more grainy, but I'm not apologizing for it because I like it. Winter has plenty of perks and while it can't boast sunshine and loads of vitamin D, it does have slow romance that I appreciate.

As a result we are indoors much more and looking for more creative ways to pass the time. In the past week our family has made cookies, ornaments, paper snowflakes and chicken soup. Their is a value that comes with this time of year that the warm sunshine does not bring, and I am reminding myself everyday, multiple times a day if I have to, that I am thankful to live in a place with 4 distinct seasons. Also thankful for vitamin D supplements, no joke!

Also you can find the HAY table and Menu vases here and here.

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