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birthday wishes



In case you've been living under a rock, today is voting day. It also happens to be my birthday and while I will spare you my political opinions (though if you're friends with me on Facebook I'm not nearly so vague) I'm glad to say I've casted my vote this morning and can now move on from this PSA to more talk about design. Sound good? I thought so.


Before we talk too much about design and this beautiful cabin in Norway I'm talking about something a bit more personal.
What I rarely, if ever, talk about on this blog are my own personal struggles. Not only because it makes me feel vulnerable but also because I want to spare you the unnecessary talk about my own issues. Yet I still conclude that this is my own personal blog after all and maybe what seems like a therapy session for me helps out others too? I don't know, you tell me.


What I am willing to share though is that life can be stressful, and while that is not revolutionary or unique to my human experience I can only share that I experience stress and even anxiety daily. Most days I work very hard to avoid having a complete meltdown or from feeling swallowed up in my own thoughts. Some people seem to handle stresses differently and either they don't let it bother them or they've learned not to show it.


How is this connected to my birthday you're wondering? Well this year besides a wishing for a camel colored coat and new perfume I'm wishing for more peace, more levity, more joy. These things I've found are do not always simply manifest themselves in our lives, sometimes we have to carve them out and work to make them happen.
The pressure to be this way or that way, especially as a woman, as a mother can be overwhelming, forget other what people's expectations of us are, our own expectations can feel insurmountable. I'm finding that a great antedote to this pressure and stress is nature. What would be better than being able to live in the center in untainted nature but still with the comforts of home? Because hot running water is directly tied to my happiness, that you can be sure of.


Which brings me to this beautiful retreat in Norway. Commissioned by a Norwegian man who works in Theatre in Stockholm, it was designed by Swedish Kolman Boye Architects. The breathtaking views and enormous windows are key elements to this comfortable cottage and sure to bring some peace and happiness to anyone fortunate enough to enjoy this view from inside.

One of these for my birthday, please!


  1. We all women struggle with this issue, because of all norms for women, mothers... sometimes we think we can everything and thats why we cause ourselfs stress, i strugle too. So if its your birthday, dont think in all you should or could do, just let yourself be love by your family and tomorrow will be a new day. Yes nature is so calm to the mind and soul, thats why i decided to live in Costa Rica even if they dont have everything. I read daring greatly about vulnerability and it help me to not be sad, stress or anxious, well it didnt fix it, but it help me see things different. Celebrate!

  2. Hope you had a lovely birthday! Pat S

  3. First: Happy Birthday, dear :-). Second: I'd love to read more of your personal thoughts. And third: Some people are more vulnerable than others. Mostly this is due to great sensitivity. Which often comes with the gift of creativity. So I think there's always a positive sight on the things. And why not see this aspect rather than concentrating on the negative ones?

  4. This was very good blog post, thank you for shring. I hope you had nice birthday.


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