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La Granja, Ibiza


AMM blog | La Granja, Ibiza

Apologies for my silence the last several days, I've just been enjoying some quiet time with the kids. We took them to the sand dunes yesterday and hiked up the mounds, the kids later sliding down on their bums. It was fun but exhausting work and everyone slept well last night!


This dark, moody, rustic hotel came across my path last night and I bookmarked it right before I succumbed to sleep. Ibiza's La Granja, Spanish for The Farm, is a hotel created from what was once a private residence until German design studio Dreimeta converted it for Design Hotels.

AMM blog | La Granja, Ibiza

AMM blog | La Granja, Ibiza

Honoring the building's Moorish and Iberian architecture, The Farmhouse has been designed to marry calmness and relaxation.

AMM blog | La Granja, Ibiza

AMM blog | La Granja, Ibiza

“The art of imperfect beauty is accepting the natural cycle of growth and decay. Using flawed and scarred materials and surfaces we’ve alluded to the enigma of time passing.”
— Armin Fischer, Dreimeta Design Studio

AMM blog | LA Granja, Ibiza

AMM blog | La Granja, Ibiza

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  1. Beautiful and calm space. Just relaxing colors and textures.


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