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a yellow update



Yellow has never been my color. Then again whenever I've said this I had been imagining the bright, super saturated, lemon yellow. Maybe I'm simply too drab to embrace the cheeriness of this bright hue or maybe I do in fact like some yellow, a yellow more like the one used in Yvonne Koné's shop. Having been painted 3 times (if I'm counting correctly) since it's opening in a soft petrol color and then a blush pink it is now dressed in this buttery yellow which does not conjure up any of the disdain I normally feel when I think of the initial shade of yellow. There's something softer, less assertive about this version which seems to compliment the other colors in her collection of handbags and shoes.

If you're curious about the stool, it is by Fritz Baumann.
Below you are links to the Worstead lamp, linen curtains and an alternative stool option by Tom Dixon along with some of Yvonne's accessories.


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