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Ellum Solar



Often I am approached by various companies or individuals to promote their brand or product. More times than not I say no or "pass" because it doesn't fit with my blog or because it's not something I would be genuinely excited about. This can be a bit of a touchy subject as many bloggers have chosen to monetize their blogs in order to devote more time and resources to it. I have fallen into this category at times however it is still a fine line and I do not want to lose my voice or honesty in doing so. There have been times I've compromised and agreed to post something I wasn't 1000% happy with. This, my friends, is not such an occasion.

Last week I was introduced to a design studio called Feltmark, located in LA. The message was short but sweet and the product they've created is Ellum Solar. One day of solar charge is converted into 6 months of illumination.
Of course what drew me in was the aesthetic, a small hardwood device with minimal detailing that can be attached almost anywhere with a sleek magnet.

See their kickstarter and follow along with production. I think this is such a thoughtful and functional design for so many people.

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  1. Jennifer, I really like the whole concept and design of this light. Thanks for letting me know about it. Pat S


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