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John & Juli have been an inspiration for me for years. In fact, I would credit them as being a major influence to my deep admiration for Scandinavian culture and design. This was before Instagram, before Pinterest, when all we had were our blogs and ideas moved a bit slower than a hundred per thumb swipe.

I loved how they related their own Canadian climate to that of our friends in the far Nordic countries. I enjoyed seeing their travels and photo entries to their visits to Japan and Iceland. For me it was an authentic example of two people who understood their own roots but still incorporated values from other cultures into their lives.
The more that I understood about these cultures the more I also felt that I shared some of these ideals more than the ideals of the place my parents raised me and sought to find a way to incorporate this culture and its design organically into my family's life.

Now seeing John & Juli with kids of their own, I have enjoyed seeing how they continue with their selective tastes when it comes to parenthood. We all have to compromise when we have kids, with our time or our preferences but it's comforting to see another family attempting to raise their children with a sense of pure, simple design and Nordic, if not at times Japanese, values.

Freunde von Freunden recently published a beautiful interview of their shared home/work space here. The above image is from their Toronto shop, Mjölk.


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