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blue monday



I've spent the last week or so feeling sick and fatigued but I think I'm starting to feel better, today I took the kids to the store and didn't feel like collapsing after I got home. I'll take that as a sign things are getting better.
Now I have a lot of time to make up for so I'm getting a head start on Monday and writing some to do lists.
I even have a wishlist post I'm working on because there are so many things I'm crushing on right now, I'm just going to round them up in one big post.
What else...oh ye, lots of laundry, cleaning and starting on a few projects and some painting. Painting?! Haven't I said just recently how much I dislike painting? Um, yes, I do believe I still dread it but I've convinced myself our dining room needs a darker shade of grey and so, here we go again.

Above, this blue/grey beauty with it's sharp corner shadows is a convincing reminder to get going.


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