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casper mattress



We got a new mattress yesterday, courtesy of Casper. They recently contacted me about trying out one of their mattresses and I was immediately impressed by their simple and modern look. The Casper is made of latex and memory foam in a thick but firm density that comes wrapped up in a small box. The kids had a great time helping me uphold it yesterday and everyone was excited to see how large it opened up to.
After just 1 night I am a believer! I didn't think I'd really feel a big difference, a mattress is a mattress no? No! I slept with Elin last night and I don't think either of us woke up all night, the firm foam material is comfortable but also doesn't transfer movement so neither of us was waking the other in our sleep.

This is the naked mattress without any bedding one yet, it's so pretty I wanted to show what it looked like immediately opened.
See more of the process and technology behind this amazing bed. I am a huge fan!

Also, the photograph above our bed is from Wonderwall and the pottery are from a project Israel and I had, he made the cup and painted both. I think he did a great job. :)



  1. We bought a bed very similar to that fit Austin about 4 years ago. Not a Casper brand, but he loves it! We've been coveting it and looking for another one like it to no avail. Might have to check this one out! Oh, the pottery is gorgeous! He may need to start his own etsy page! ;-)

  2. The brass pendant on The wall, managing your Pictures - where did u buy IT?

  3. How do you like your Casper after sleeping on it for a while?

    I bought another online mattress that I'm not very happy with and I've been considering getting rid of it and trying the Casper. I've been doing a ton of research to try and decide if Casper is the right choice for me (came across this extremely robust review earlier this morning

    Would love to hear your updated thoughts on the Casper. Do you think you'll keep it in the long run?


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