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Bolia Design Awards


Bolia Design Awards, found thanks to Emma.



Creativ Boards

A surprising does of red on my blog, something that rarely happens as I'm not particularly fond of the color and yet in this case it's really refreshing.
Photo by Petra Bindel.



A photo I took while at & Other Stories in Copenhagen last year.

butter dish


Sometimes you take photos, edit & prep them for a post but then to post them. Oh, just me?
Well a couple months (!) ago I got this new butter box in. I had been looking for just the right little container too. Soon after finding and ordering this from Menu, having decided on Gry Fager's stitches pattern we later chose to cut out dairy, which of course includes butter, from our diet.
And while I may not be storing butter in there at the moment, it still works well to hide Israel's little chocolates, and thankfully he hasn't discovered I keep them there yet! The small grey pattern offset by the wooden lid couldn't be a better fit.

the simpler the better


This place really embodies the idea that less is better. Not that it's extremely minimalist but it has just enough of the right elements to make it interesting without the annoying (at least to me) extras. Some green plants, shiny glass, soft wood, small amounts of metallics and varying shades of white, taupe and grey. It doesn't get much better.

Styling by Annaleena, found thanks to Husligheter. You can see this home for sale in its entirety here.

weekend sights



The weekend was pretty unproductive over here as I've been feeling so sick and with the kids it takes longer for me to recuperate. I did manage to do a bit of browsing of the internets though and above are a few things that stood out to me.

Grocery bag
by This is Paper | a bathroom with a solitary wall | knot skirt from Zara | new K desk by Raka-kids | brass framed mirror from Daniella Witte's blog | truth | GAN sail rug & beanbag by Hector Serrano

IC lights



The IC Lights family was recently debuted for FLOS and designed by Michael Anastassiades ranges from wall lamps in brass to floor lamps in a bronze finish. The design was inspired by "the awkwardly positioned spinning spheres of contact jugglers".
Find the entire collection for North America and view the award winning String Lights (pictured below) by the same designer here and here.


fold mirrors



Recently I worked with Normann Copenhagen on this post, but I also want to share this great family of Fold Mirrors from their line up.
Fold was designed by Marie Thurnauer after visiting Salvador Dali's home in Spain where she spotted a mirror that gave a distorted reflection.
What I personally like about these mirrors are that since they bend out from the wall, catching light and reflecting portions of whatever it is opposite of. It looks almost like varying windows into new spaces. With three different sizes in a black or white border, the possibilities for combinations make these so easy to personalize.
We put 3 of these on the wall adjacent to the kitchen that is shared with our office space. The wall really had no purpose and we've often talked about how nice it would be to remove it entirely, opening up the space even more. However with these new mirrors up I think it looks brighter, even slightly more open, solving the problem we had for this purposeless wall.

no longer unknown



This image instantly captivated with it's large shapely branches, greyish textured wall and (Mad et Len?) bottles. But even more intriguing is that I cannot find it's original source and author? It's is insanely important that creatives are given credit for their work so leaving this anonymous is simply not good enough. and I'm happy to share (with the help of my amazing readers) that this was shot by photographer Line Klein for Oliver Gustav Studio.

If anyone knows can you please tell me? I'd love to be able to credit and share whoever thoughtfully captured this is. Thanks for your help everyone!

4 l a y e r sandwich



I try to stay away from bread but this sandwich I've been making lately is irresistible. I could eat this every day!
Originally found on Instagram, I think, I no longer remember where it was from. If anyone knows of the original source please let me know.
I only wish I would have thought to try this on my own and sooner.

One side has homemade pesto made from basil, olive oil, some almonds (I didn't have pine nuts) and a little romano cheese topped with half a tomato.
The other side has garlic hummus with half an avocado & red chili flakes.


a week's worth


Annaleena Leino's new place in Stockholm was recently photographed for Residence Magazine. She designed/made those angular shelves herself.
She's quite amazing and I'm a super fan of hers.


A sneak peek at Bolia's 2014 catalog shoot from Emma's blog.
Such great shapes + materials.


This is one of those images from a house tour who has already made its way around the blogosphere but I guess for good reason. The dark textured grey combined with the really warm wood offers something for everyone.


There is a pretty obvious shape theme happening among these images and I love it. This amazing organizer (found from Josefin's new blog) made by Groupwork is an a piece of decor all by itself. The brass/wood/stone combination is harmonious together and really interesting to look at. Nice work!


There's something about these thick, rounded Roly Poly table & chairs by Faye Toogood that are really fun.
They are really quite majestic with their long elephant like legs and perfectly rounded back. Sleek and playful.


These industrial feeling details of a pot & brush rack feel so fresh and natural for a kitchen space.


More great shapes that are so practical, Visi designed by Studio Macura and image by Varpunen.

exclusive necklaces



Yesterday I sent off a bunch of these navy beaded necklaces that I made as an exclusive style/color for A Little Bundle.

These will be available only at ALB for purchase next week.

office grey


If you follow me on Instagram then you already saw we painted a wall in our office. I spend a lot of my day using this room for orders & editing and posting here. I was needing a change and a moody grey wall was exactly that.
I took one of our desks out and downsized to a single desk and chair. Our bookshelf also got a move from the corner to this painted wall. Our Artek light was also moved to this corner and I like it against the darker wall. The printer is rather unsightly but hey, it's right next to me now and convenience is important in a working environment.

The Minimalist giveaway!


The Minimalist giveaway

Last week was sort of weird. Our desktop has had some issues and it's made posting really challenging. Good thing my husband is so handy with stuff like this and it looks to be running normally now.

Now onto what this is really about! Leah from Aussie shop The Minimalist (who just started carrying Danish brand Hay, look at this dining table!), is offering one lucky AMM reader the chance to win some really great products from her store stock of Stop the Water While Using Me including:

1 x 500ml soap
1 x 500ml body wash
1 x tooth paste
2 x tooth brushes

I try to be choosy with the giveaways I host here so that I'm only bringing you products I am genuinely excited about/enjoy and this is no exception.
Not only that but I also try to promote only shops or brands that I honestly think are worthwhile. I've worked with Leah now for years, she stocks some of my jewelry, and I can tell you she is one of the most pleasant people I've ever worked with. She's a genuinely kind person, ethical, hard working and curates her store in a way that is authentic to her style. So, I'm really glad to be hosting this giveaway with The Minimalist!

to enter:

simply repost this image to your Instagram with hashtag #minimalistxAMMgiveaway
winner will be chosen & announced on the Minimalist's Instagram
ends May 9th

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