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coming soon to my shop



Just when you thought I was done posting for the week! Or maybe that was just me...

Every year (for the past two years) I contemplate closing my jewelry shop to focus on my blog full time and every year I change my mind. It's just hard for me to keep up mentally with the responsibilities of making and selling jewelry along with wanting to post consistently here on the blog and be a stay at home mom-of two little ones, which is a job in itself. But I think I've come up with a solution.

At night when I'm nursing Elin to sleep I have time to think about how I can still do everything better, fast, more efficiently and concluded that I'm going to discontinue the really time consuming pieces, the items that aren't as popular and streamline the shop selection. So most of what's currently in the shop now will be gone next month.
I'll debut a whole new batch of designs in a limited selection of 5 colors with 6-8 necklace styles and coordinating earrings. Each piece has been thoughtfully designed to be simple, classic with a variety of sizes and silhouettes, so there's something for everyone.

I'm actually really excited about this because for the next couple weeks I'm working hard (and late into the night) to stock up on new pieces so that everything can ship within 1-3 business days! (wholesale inquiries can email me here)
I can't wait to show you the rest but for now here's a matte charcoal grey tube necklace with one end a metallic gold. It's simple, it's modern, it's classic and it's great to layer with longer necklaces. Watch out for more coming soon.

Ok, I'm done for now. Happy weekend!

Christina Liljenberg Halstrøm


It's late (1:30 am) and I'm still awake trying to get caught up on emails. If you're keeping score, emails:1 / me:0.
I've been thinking all day about getting some kind of play gym for Elin and after Google searches proved that the selection out there is pretty disappointing I did however bump into some images from Christina's portfolio of work (I bet most of you would recognize her work for Skagerak). All is not lost! We'll talk about the baby play gym another time...
But for now let us collectively admire some work that is not disappointing. The first image is of wardrobes called Curtain, an easy access yet sleek solution to otherwise bulky wardrobes. An elegant solution that I love, especially the way the fabric creates these blocky dimensions and shadows.

Oh, and it's Friday, which is always a good thing. I hope everyone has a calm and relaxing weekend ahead of them!

hair inspiration


I don't know about you but I can never (ever!) get enough hair ideas, especially easy ones like this that keep it out of your face.
From Vardagsbrus.

everyday objects



It's Tuesday, which is practically my Monday with as slow as I get around these days. Elin is 10 weeks old exactly(!) and it seems like Spring is making its debut, which makes everyone a bit happier. Hello vitamin D!

Possibly you remember a few months ago when I shared with you about newly opened Swedish store & webshop Betong Gruvan. Since then Josefine, owner & founder, has launched worldwide shipping! Good news for everyone!
To celebrate, she sent over a few of my favorites from her store including Clippe candleholders, a chemistry flask (plus a really cool macrame hanger if you want to put a plant in it), dish brush, Syuro aluminum box and pastry brush.
You may not know this about me but I am semi obsessed with everyday tools. I can't tell you enough how much I appreciate simple, well made objects that we use everyday in cleaning up, cooking and washing. These little things are some of the stuff that makes up our lives and I'm so glad Josefine, and Betong Gruvan, understands their significance too.

Elin's side



Since the baby was born I haven't done much of anything around the house, especially with her side of our room. When I was pregnant I had set up the corner of the room with her crib but then we needed storage space so we put a large wardrobe there instead and moved the crib & our bed over to the other side.
Anyways... all I have going on here is this print from ATWTP and my Muuto basket & pillow and printed bedding (not seen here). Since we all share this room I've hesitated to do too much with it-not many prints or garland or a mobile but this is just boring.
I'm hoping a good idea will hit me soon but in the meantime at least I've got this. I'm thinking about adding this pillow, and maybe a few shelves? Come on inspiration!



Found here and styled by the talented Emma Hos.


kids stuff


I always have an ongoing list of things I'd like for the kids. There's so many cute/fun things out there that it's really easy to do. Here's a few things I know my son would like, the swing especially. And here are the links...

Lizzard tee | Muji face stamp kit | Smart two helmet | Lillagunga swing | Wall tidy pouch | cork sail boat | Dalmation puppy | skateboard




Does it have to be Monday already? Ugh, it does. Ok then, let's get to it and make it a good week, shall we?
Some images from Eco's new wallpaper collection, thanks for the tip Hitta Hem.


winners & links



(image credit Mikkel Mortensen)

Sorry for the silence on my end! I am here and alive, I promise. Keeping up with the baby and Israel and shop things take up every second of the day so by the time I get to bed, exhausted physically and emotionally I lay there thinking about my poor neglected blog and how I need to multiply myself somehow. Certainly I don't want the blog to be a place where I just whine and complain about things because that's not fair to you and I'm not a whiny person anyways. At the same time if I can't be honest on my own blog, where can I be?!
Ok, now to move on to announcing some of the winners of the giveaways I've been hosting. I think that was a solid month of giveaways wasn't it? Aaaaaand I still have one more. It's another good one, this time from Aussie store The Minimalist.

The winner of the Kristina Krogh notebooks is Tara Victoria


The winner of the Muuto leaf lamp is Maija

Please contact me here with address information.

To make up for my lack this week here are some links worth checking out:

new Ikea PS 2014 collection looks great

last day of the Instagram #stylingteammichigan (I contributed a few) that was started by Lotta Agaton during her styling work in Michigan for Herman Miller. There have been some great contributions from different Instagrammers (is that a word?) so it's worth checking out.

Need Supply recently published a new lookbook shot entirely in/near their studio and it looks fab!

The new line from Mini Rodini is so fun and really makes me want for warmer weather. I can see my kids wearing all of it, such great prints

Slow Fashion House is my new favorite store!

This oval mirror is perfect.

Two videos, Maidentrip & My Beautiful Woman

I want to make these raw, vegan peanut butter cups.

This bright apartment deserves a double take.

Nest giveaway!



How lucky are you? Super store is giving away a Muuto leaf lamp to one (very) lucky AMM reader somewhere in the world!
I have this lamp in grey on my office desk and really like the thin line silhouette and pivoting head.
Wanna know how to enter? Of course you do. Simply subscribe to the Nest newsletter here then visit their store and leave a comment below about your favorite piece. (trying to choose just 1 thing is the hardest part!)

Giveaway ends in one week on Tuesday, March 10th.




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