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thinking about trolleys



Somewhere in the back of my mind I think I need one of these trolley/carts in my life. Maybe I'd only use it to throw books on or I'd stick a lamp on it and use it as a side table. And then I imagine Elin getting older and pulling everything out of it and making a big mess or Israel pushing it from room to room...
Ok, this might have to live on in my mind for a while longer. In the meantime here are a few options, though I should have also include the classic Artek 901 tea trolley because that really would be my first choice!

(listed left to right, top to bottom)

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

some kitchen favorites



Since finishing the kitchen I've been a bit more selective about the things we use in it. While washing some rainbow chard yesterday I realized the way I threw these things out of the way was accidentally picture worthy and a perfect opportunity to share a few of my favorites.

wooden pot brush from Hay
Vipp washing up brush
Muji wooden spoon
Nicolas Vahé walnut oil

Kristina Krogh giveaway!



Happy Monday readers. Yes, it's Monday which is usually everyone's least favorite day so maybe this is the perfect time to announce a new giveaway...? Yes, yes it is.

Danish artist Kristina Krogh just released her new gold foil notebooks in grey or in beige and one lucky AMM reader is going to receive both of them! To enter, follow Kristina on Facebook then choose and share one of your favorite pieces from her webshop in the comments section. Open to readers worldwide.
You can also stay updated with her on Instagram and Pinterest.

Giveaway ends this Friday, February 28th.

brown black brass


brown, black, brass

A little group of things currently sitting on our cabinet. We decided to sell this set of cabinets, with their great Super Front legs and plywood top (covering a big scratch). The dining room is ready for a change. A new and bigger table, hopefully soon, will be here along with enough chairs for the whole family plus guests.
Tomorrow the new owner is picking this up so I might as well enjoy using it for candles and books while I still can.

Black candle holder from Ikea, poster from Kristina Krogh, books from Amazon and Acne, Menu chunk of wood/brass candle holder. Chairs from Muuto & DWR.

green juice



Since having the baby my time for making meals has nearly disappeared, plus I've got to do more with just one hand so we have been making lots of fruit & vegetable juice and smoothies. I know there's a million recipes for juices online but I thought I'd share my personal favorite.
It's not the most complex but it certainly is tasty and a good way to get some green while having something sweet.

Juice 3 apples.
Pour the juice into a blender with 3 large stalks of kale, blend until kale is chopped finely.
Add 1 banana and 3 large strawberries and blend together.

In case you're wondering, glass is from Ikea and tea towel from Kollekt.




balance mobile


Danish-Italian design duo Gam Fratesi designed these petal shaped mobiles to hang above the lounge area at the Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair this last week where they were guests of honor. The plywood versions are prototypes but I actually like those too, though the fabric covered finished versions are pretty great.
Read more about them, including the a bit more of the process, here.




There's a good chance you've already seen this great place around the blogosphere and I certainly didn't hurry to get this up but this stunning place belongs to stylist Josefin Hååg. I was lucky enough to hang out with her and have fika when we were in Stockholm last April, she's incredibly sweet in addition to being super talented and stylish. See the rest of the photos shot for Residence Magazine by Kristofer Johnsson on her new blog.

Snoku giveaway!


Good news to get the weekend started, I'm hosting a giveaway with SNOKU for $75 to use towards anything in their shop! To enter, leave a comment below with your favorite item from the store and additional entries 'like' them on Facebook.
For additional entries follow @snokustore on Instagram and repost the giveaway using #snokugiveaway

Giveaway is open to readers worldwide, winner will be chosen in one week from today, February 21

And lastly, Snoku is offering readers a 5% discount for this week with code AMMGIVEAWAY

Kuu, Koti & Vinkel



A few things from One Nordic who I've mentioned before, including this new sofa called Koti. They also now carry prints, of which this is my favorite.




I was fortunate to be introduced to luxury basics brand Everlane recently and even see some of their pieces up close. The concept of really quality basic pieces is so appealing to me right now when I want my wardrobe to be simple and unfussy and able to last lots of wear. I tried out some of the tees and silk tops, I am completely sold on their quality and tailoring!
Watch out old tees, you're all about to be replaced.

around here


I haven't shared many photos of Elin outside of Instagram since she was born, sometimes between all of the feedings and crying I forget to take photos of her. Truly though, I never get tired of this view.

old is new again



I'm so glad to have Netta-Natalia let me know she's back blogging again. Her old blog was one of my favorites and I love her unique, strong sense of style. Make sure to follow along with her new address, it's already a great read.

thinking about...sweatshirts


Now that the baby is here I'm looking forward to wearing normal clothes again. I've still got some work to do to get back to where I want to be, it's only been 3 weeks after all, but I'm already thinking of what I want to wear in the coming months. It has to be casual and something I can still nurse in. One of the pieces I'm wanting is the perfect oversized, slouchy sweatshirt. Above are a few I've been looking at.

H&M black sweatshirt | Alexander Wang metallic | Monki white Yoshi sweat | Zara marble sweater | WEEKDAY light orange Formiga solid

Saturday inspiration


Some texture and color inspiration from Normann Copenhagen's new line of products.

natural color



I picked up some Ranunculus earlier this week and put them in several vases. I don't see them in the stores very often so I had to grab a bunch. They have me beginning to think of Spring.

kitchen 'befores'


I'll be honest, it's been a tough few weeks. I am so happy to have Elin here! She's beautiful and sweet but she's also a lot of work. I know newborns are a lot of work but this time around I have two kids, and it's an adjustment. Not to mention I have laundry and cooking and my shop to keep up with. I'm not doing a great job just yet but every day is getting a little better.

Here's a few before and in-the-process photos. I realized while looking for photos that I really forgot to take a proper 'before' shot of the ugly rental kitchen, oops! But I did find this iphone photo for you to feast your eyes on.
Clearly it wasn't my style, not even close, but style aside there were so many issues with the original kitchen. The tile grout was never sealed so it absorbed all liquids and stains like a sponge. The tile was textured so it trapped a lot of crumbs and dirt and the sharp edges stuck out in places, we accidentally hurt ourselves on them multiple times. The beveled cabinets doors made cleaning so much more work, stuff would get stuck in the little corners of the fronts. Gross.
Also, the half wall/bar that stuck out made the entryway small enough that only one person at a time could walk in and out of the kitchen. It just felt suffocating.
And then there's the colors they chose. Honey colored cabinets with the same wood floor and then beige tile everywhere. There's no contrast, just a dark honey/beige hole. I also didn't like the appliances, they were bulky and outdated.

The new kitchen solves our old kitchen problems with flat doors, smooth counters, bright white, steamlined appliances. It's so much easier to clean this new version and much happier as well. I wanted an open space so that the kitchen felt like a part of the rest of the house, and a room people could easily walk in and out of. Plus I have a much better view of the rest of the house now.

book binder



I'm always keeping an eye out for great online shops, especially here in the States where it's still difficult to get a lot of the Scandinavian brands we like. Fortunately for us all Snoku is here, with a nice selection of home accessories and furniture. They recently sent over this Book Binder from Menu and I like it's versatility, especially with all of the books and magazines I have scattered about the house. I'm thinking I'll move it to my room to hold my giant stack of magazines that I've been using as a side table.It also comes in black and oak finishes.

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