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a new candle


I have loved & Other Stories since I first saw their new store online. A few weeks later I visited their Copenhagen & Stockholm stores during their grand openings. Their displays and fixtures alone were inspiring but their carefully selected product line was even more beautiful. Bottles of lotions, tables of powder, and jars of body scrubs filled an entire room. I felt like a kid in a candy store.
Finally (or what seems like finally) they have opened their first US store in NY and I grabbed myself one of their new candles in a matte porcelain jar. Actually it's burning on my desk right now & smells so fresh, soon I'm going to need more!


  1. Love that store! And love more that i bought a 30% sale wallet, and got a 60% because of an error they could not change, they told me its your lucky day. Will never forget that experience of wanting everything! Was perfect. Enjoy your candle!

  2. Oh how I love & other stories and how everything they do is thought out.

  3. Love &other stories. gotta go smell the candle next time I head into their shop.


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