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It's Tuesday, which is practically my Monday with as slow as I get around these days. Elin is 10 weeks old exactly(!) and it seems like Spring is making its debut, which makes everyone a bit happier. Hello vitamin D!

Possibly you remember a few months ago when I shared with you about newly opened Swedish store & webshop Betong Gruvan. Since then Josefine, owner & founder, has launched worldwide shipping! Good news for everyone!
To celebrate, she sent over a few of my favorites from her store including Clippe candleholders, a chemistry flask (plus a really cool macrame hanger if you want to put a plant in it), dish brush, Syuro aluminum box and pastry brush.
You may not know this about me but I am semi obsessed with everyday tools. I can't tell you enough how much I appreciate simple, well made objects that we use everyday in cleaning up, cooking and washing. These little things are some of the stuff that makes up our lives and I'm so glad Josefine, and Betong Gruvan, understands their significance too.

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