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thinking about trolleys



Somewhere in the back of my mind I think I need one of these trolley/carts in my life. Maybe I'd only use it to throw books on or I'd stick a lamp on it and use it as a side table. And then I imagine Elin getting older and pulling everything out of it and making a big mess or Israel pushing it from room to room...
Ok, this might have to live on in my mind for a while longer. In the meantime here are a few options, though I should have also include the classic Artek 901 tea trolley because that really would be my first choice!

(listed left to right, top to bottom)

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  1. these are all insanely beautiful!

  2. Yes, I feel you... My son is at an age where he's pulling everything down, out, and/or around. I had to completely empty my living room of all things nice and breakable. I stare at empty tabletops wishing I could tchotchke-fy them...


  3. love that dwr and black cart. love that they can serve so many purposes and look good doing it.

  4. I have never been a fan of trolleys but these all look amazing!

  5. what a fantastic idea to use a trolley for a side table! love all of these options :)

  6. Adore this fun addition to a room!


  7. LOVE the white one! So fun and modern.

  8. I had that on my mind too, but i need it to make a mini bar at home, martinis, drinks, flowers, fancy glasses. But i havent found one for my budget, i have to pay double price to bring it here to my country, and in my country those brands cost more jjee, it so frustrating to not have what you which, i cant not even get cheap ikea frames for my poster i bought and won in giveaways, and here they cost a fortune. Hope you can get yours!!! The good one, i can be minimal jejeje Let me know when you decide. Greetings.


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