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thoughts on a new year



Happy New Year! I have been down and out lately with the flu for the past to weeks. Some days I'm completely out and other days I can still manage to get some work done. The hard part is that at 9 mos pregnant there isn't much I can take to get rid of it so I'm waiting for this sickness to run its course and get then heck out of here.

I noticed a lot of people have been sentimental about 2013 but I am just not one of them. 2013 will always represent a year of loss, and for those who haven't followed, by that I mean by dad. Each day has been a struggle and even now, almost 8 mos after his passing I find myself having a hard time accepting he's truly gone.
While I'm not sad to see 2013 leave I am overwhelming glad to see a new year! 2014 is the year we get to meet our little baby girl, the year we're finishing this kitchen renovation (and probably beginning more renovations) and hopefully 2014 has even more new, exciting things on store for all of us!
New Year's resolutions have never been my thing but I am constantly writing to-do lists or thinking of short term and long term goals. Whether those all come to fruition is another topic all together but I am continually thinking of ways to get better, more organized and happier.

I thought it would be a good idea, at least for accountability purposes, to write down a few of those goals here:
  |As far as blogging goals, I really hope to post more regularly. I'm already trying to figure out how    I'll do that with a newborn!

  |I also want to post more of my own photos, more photos from our home and projects and personal life. Sometimes that's hard because the house can be in disarray most of the time-but this is a goal after all.

  |Slowly I've been working on a little blog facelift for the past couple months. I really need to get this done before baby comes-BIG goal!

  |This should help with the last thought, I want to be more organized this year! Get rid of as many things we don't need/use as possible and have
a thoughtful spot for everything.

  |Renovate both bathrooms in our house. When the kitchen is finished I'll show you before/after photos. The bathrooms have the same ugly cabinets &
tile that the kitchen had and badly needs changing. One thing I won't miss about renting-tolerating these bad interiors!

  |Lose baby weight! This is certainly easier said than done but I just generally want to get better at eating clean foods and cooking every meal at
home. I'm one to want to do things in moderation so I'll be sure to still enjoy the occasional treat!

  |My husband and I have been wanting to open some little online shop selling some of our favorite interior objects (specifically from Scandinavian brands) & have had this idea for the
past few years. We got so close but this year had one thing after another and we could never quite get it going. I'd love to get some sort of pop-up shop going by Summer to share with all of you!

Do you have a running list of goals or to-do lists? What things are you currently itching to conquer?

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