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A little sneak peek of our closet. We spent an entire weekend (plus some) ripping out carpet and old built in shelves to open up this space. It's not the biggest closet but we've made room for all our clothes and bedding in here and the tiny room is much happier.
I'll post more photos soon including some photos of my jewelry storage. It's really quite basic but a dear reader wrote in asking if I'd share where I keep my jewelry and I'm glad to do so! Look for part II of this post early next week.

Until then, happy (almost) Thursday.


  1. It looks fab Jennifer! And i really love that print you got with the greens and the shoe, Do you wanna tell me where it´s from? :) Happy Thursday!
    Hugs Annie

    1. I cut it out from Muuse magazine.

      Happy Thursday Annie!

  2. Beautiful as always! Praying for you & baby # 2!

  3. Yes i want to see it too, I'm rearrenging my closet and makeup, also jewelry. Need more storage, i thing im getting them. Love organization. Good luck with projects.

  4. Honored to be that "dear reader" !

    I'm so appreciative of your consideration, especially since you already have so much going on at the moment. Can't wait to see the pictures! Thanks again.


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