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How bad is it to post a wishlist just a week after Christmas? No, don't answer that. I'm up late and haven't been able to fall asleep tonight. I remember this happening a lot with my first pregnancy, the closer I got to my due date the less I slept.
Well anyways, this gives me a chance to put together this wishlist which in my head I had done long before Christmas so better late than never...I hope.

Raft table | brass knobs | stackable glasses | complexion water | metal candle holder | slip on sneakers

book hanger by Sanna Trotsman



Interior architect and furniture designer student in Stockholm, Sanna Trotsman came up with the idea for this book hanger design a few years ago. Sold exclusively at Lotta's store, I was fortunate enough to have one sent all the way from Sweden.
I love how simple the idea is yet so effective for storing a favorite book or magazine. Mine is next to the bed because I often flip through magazines before going to sleep but I I'd love one in my son's room as well since we're always reading books!

the day after



Did you have a nice Christmas? I hope so!
Ours was interesting but we made the best of it. Feels like nothing is quote normal this year with my dad passing in May all these holidays and birthdays are just not the same. I want to avoid them all together as it brings up so many emotions but at the same time I know I need to put on a happy face for my son who still has so many memories to make.
I didn't get too festive here on the blog, but I'm sure next year will be better! The mix of sadness with third trimester tiredness has made it harder and harder to get my ideas together and live here on the blog. Thank you for your patience though. I'm looking forward to 2014 and hoping it is much, much better than this last year.

A little of our home with a quiet, subdued Christmas. We still have kitchen stuff packed up in boxes as we wait for the last things to be finished. We have doors on the cabinets but now for the counter, sink and cooktop.
Soon, very soon I'll have some before and after photos for you. And yay for a fully functional kitchen again, I'll be breathing a deep sigh of relief then!

DIY inspiration


A little inspiration thanks to House Doctor with glass baubles strung on rope.
Funny thing is we had a bunch of these exact shaped globes at our wedding 6 yrs ago. I kept them hung in our entry for a long time and eventually got rid of them. Now I'm wishing I had held onto them a little bit longer!




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rainy day photos


It's not really raining here but it might as well be from the way I'm feeling. The kitchen is making progress (I'm saving up before, during and after photos for you) but it is very slowly. So cereal is stored on the kitchen table the toaster next to them and everything else in boxes, waiting to be put back in their new homes.
Renovating is not my favorite thing. Don't misunderstand me though, I'm grateful for the change but being patient and living in a mess (right before Christmas mind you) is not the fun part.
So it's a good thing I have these extras photos sitting on my desktop that I never posted, the other side of my desk (see last post).


a new candle



Recently Calvin Klein released some new holiday candles in marble vessels and I was lucky enough to receive one to try. It comes in black, white or grey marbled containers in these rounded shapes or rectangular. The marble is beautiful and the scent (at least for this one) is amazing! We burned ours last night for about 6 hrs and the wick had barely moved, so it looks like it should last us a while! That with the added bonus that when the wax does eventually burn down we are left with a beautiful grey marble container to use for whatever, I love things that serve a dual purpose.
See the entire Calvin Klein decor collection here.

a place to be cozy



We've officially begun the kitchen renovations and half the house is complete chaos. The dining table is a makeshift kitchen for toast, cereal and there are old & new appliances scattered throughout. Tomorrow comes some the boring stuff like plumbing and electrical wiring but this weekend our first cabinets should be installed so it won't look like a total war zone for much longer.
Thankfully our bedroom has been untouched and when it all becomes overwhelming for me I come in here for a bit to relax. Home renovations at 36 weeks pregnant are not for the faint hearted, or so I'm learning.

something Wintry



All week it seems everyone has been talking Christmas decor & I've been feeling like a bad blogger for not joining in. My mind is on this kitchen renovation though & we have been packing up dishes and purging unnecessary things we've accumulated over the years. It always feels so good to get rid of stuff we don't need, I think I actually sleep better at night! Seriously.

These images by interior stylist Johanna Pilfalk have me in a cozy, wintry mood. We start tearing up the old kitchen on Monday so I haven't really bothered decorating except for the tree & extra candles. I'll see if I can get a few pictures in this weekend before the kitchen chaos begins!

Nordic Design Collective



It's Thursday and I'm not sure how I feel about that. The week went by quickly and I need more time! Maybe it's just slow pregnant me or the lethargic Winter days setting in. Either way here is a cheery introduction to my newest sponsor Nordic Design Collective and curated market for independent designers in Scandinavia. They recently launched their site for international shipping (always good news).

Above are a few of my favorites, candle holders by Maria Axelqvist, Geranium wall hanging by Konstig Design, Tribus grey rug by Lina Johansson, white leaf hooks by Lagstromwiktorsson, and The Soap No. 1 by Dry Things.

And for you lucky AMM readers there is a special 10% discount code 'amerrymishap' that you can enter at checkout, expires December 8th!

in my son's room



You saw a peek on Israel's room from this post but here's a few more. I recently did some organizing because, well I'm nesting, and have this overwhelming desire to get the house clean and neat.
Though I'm really proud of him because he's become very good about cleaning up quickly. Even though it's usually a mess with toys everywhere, it's nice to have him put everything back in its place before bedtime.
This will be a big help come end of January!

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