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subtle Christmas



My favorite Christmas decorating is sparse and subtle. Changing too much just feels chaotic and I don't want the work involved with taking out lots of things and putting them away again a month later.

This is especially true this year because we just recently bought the house we've been renting!
Yes, it's true. Which means all the gross rental things I've complained about over the years can finally be changed. We've already made some changes to our closet, just waiting to pour concrete floors. Once it's finished I'll show you. Top of the list now though is the kitchen! We convinced our landlord to let us change floors, light fixtures and paint color but outside of that we couldn't/wouldn't do much more.
With kitchen renovations beginning in about a week, our house will be torn to pieces for a bit-refrigerator in the dining room, microwave on the table, I'm hoping it goes by fast.

So you can see why my feelings about a simple Christmas are so strong. Above are some images from Norm for Menu (I know, I blog about them a lot because they are my current favorite) and the styling feels warm and festive but not overdone, juuuuust right.

new & sale



I don't often post about my jewelry shop but I also don't have a sale very often either. Today and tomorrow get 20% off everything, even the new holiday pieces.
See more here.

AMM + Twig rocker and giveaway


Happy Friday all! I am happy to announce this little project to you. I was asked by Steve & Michelle from Twig Creative to help design a new child's rocker and here they are. I really wanted to use colors that parents wouldn't mind having mixed in with their own furniture and textures that were timeless. I'm pleased with the outcome and hope you are too!
A simple design with either walnut stained wood or white washed wood and industrial grey wool felt, these well constructed (and handmade) rockers are comfortable as well as stylish. My son immediately claimed the dark one, the boy knows what he likes.

And lucky for you we are giving one of these dark wood rockers and a black/gold camera away to celebrate their new release!

Please be sure to follow @AMERRYMISHAP and @Twig_Creative on Instagram.
Then repost the giveaway photo posted to our streams with the hashtag #rockinholiday to enter.
(open internationally) Hurry, ends Monday December 2nd.

*Twig is also offering 20% off any camera in their store with discount code ROCKINHOLIDAY

for Christmas



These Christmas photos shot by Petra Bindel for Elle Decor are perfect. My current favorite green with soft browns and shiny silvers make me excited for the coming month.

check in


Do you ever have those weeks when you have high hopes for the things you will accomplish and then a few days in it feels like you've been busy all day long without accomplishing anything? Maybe it's just me but this week, so far, has been just that. Still I had to take some time to share a quick post with you.
A little corner of our living room. In the evenings when its dark we light up candles all over the house and just try to relax (ok, but really work) in the dim light.
Candle holders from Iittala, Kollekt, and Holmegaard.

new bench



A new little piece from Tom Dixon has made its home in our bedroom. The offcut bench has long been on my wishlist but I (almost) waited too long. In my head I had imagined putting a bench along this wall, something imperfect or vintage or worn looking to hold books and magazines. When I finally decided this was indeed for us I found that no one carried it any more and it was now discontinued. Dang, I thought, this is what I get for dragging my feet and going back and forth about something.
But I didn't stop there. After days of internet searches, emails and even a few phone calls I received a message from a little shop in Texas who told me the TD warehouse had 1 left. ONE!
Looks like it was meant to be after all and we're so glad because it is exactly what we wanted.




I saw this place late last night so by now I bet it's made its way around the blogosphere, but you know what, who cares? When you find a place that resonates so deeply with you like this, you post it anyways!
This could easily be in my top favorite of homes, filled with lovely things from Asplund and styled by Lilja Löwenjielm. Some of my favorite elements are the soft, light wood floors, the bit so of pink on the cabinet and chair and girls' room and the living room with its bare, matte walls. And hey, that's our coffee table too! (except mine is a bit smaller)



The talented Suvi sent me these beautiful photos she shot for Finnish furniture company BEdesign. I really like the fan stools that can sort of connect to each other to make a wavy bench. The lily bowls are beautiful too and I hear they are coming out with one made from real copper soon!




Just a few images of beautiful Copenhagen restaurant Höst by Norm Architects. Next time we're in CPH I'm booking a dinner here.

marble & white



The classic Eames wire base table but with a powder coasted base and marble top.
Oh ya.

week's end inspiration


I'm in need of a pick-me-up and this shot is doing just that.
Happy Friday, the weekend is almost here!



A color that is appearing around our home the closer we get to baby's arrival.

Pillowcases from H&M and Stilleben






I've been slowly collecting things for baby these past months. A few of my favorites are these knit pieces. I'm anxious to see her wearing and playing with some of these. Her hat is from this Etsy shop, and I simply asked the owner to make it in a custom color for me. The rattle cloud rattle was a gift from Bacabuche and the kitten tights are from the Gap.
Also in the stack are footed pants and little cardigan from Zara, a vintage sweater (that used to be mine as a baby!) and some thicker knit pants from Toto Knits.




If you live in or near Stockholm, well then lucky you! In case you need another reason to love this city (one of my own favorites) shop Betonggruvan recently opened with a beautifully curated stock.
Found thanks to Anna.

Photos by Elin Stromberg
Graphic design by FLB Europa

a tart for 29



Today I turn 29. I have mixed emotions about my birthday. Firstly I'm so grateful for a sweet husband who always leaves me a birthday morning surprise. This morning was a hand written note with a breakfast quiche & two little tarts from my favorite bakery. And I've been craving pecan pie the last couple so it was nearly perfect!

I am however not fond of getting older. This is my last year of being in my 20's and it all went by too fast. I'm also feeling pretty blue because this is my first birthday without my dad. To be quite honest I haven't been able to stop crying since last night. I assure you pregnancy hormones aren't making this easier but I hate having to experience these milestones without dad around. I suddenly feel the reality of him being gone at times like this and it's more than I can take.
Some days I feel like I can't move forward because the hurt is so deep and without consolation but I do my best to set it aside so I can still be a good mom and wife and (hopefully) blogger as well!
It's not often that I open up about these really personal things but I think it's important to share with you because this loss, this pain, is now an inseparable part of who I am and from time to time it spills over into my blogging. And I also think about those of you who have lost, or will lose someone you love greatly. Possibly talking about realness of my own pain will help you in some small way.

All in all I'm grateful for so many things. For my family, for my friends, even for my readers! Most days I'm doing fine. I have great, loving people around me and (almost) two wonderful little ones to keep me busy. I know there will be more days like today ahead for now I'm just going to think about making it through this one.

Thank you, as always, for listening.

light filled by Norm


An apartment shot and designed by Norm Architects.


Isabel Marant



You may have heard about the Isable Marant for H&M collab but have you seen it? Above are a few of my own favorites including this reversible jacket, things I could even possibly wear while 7 mos pregnant. You can see the whole collection including men's & kids here.
Which piece do you like most?

mini series: Neybers



Last month I was introduced to a new site out of Stockholm called Neybers, a creative community that lets you explore and design your own virtual spaces from top to bottom. I was happy to jump aboard to help promote this fun new place. From using Neybers I've realized this is a great model to testing products but also being introduced to new things or getting a clearer picture of how certain objects look together.
I'll be sharing 3 rooms I designed over the course of the next 3 weeks so watch out for the other two.
For now here's what I came up with. Let me just say that this is fun and easy way to spend your evening after the kids are in bed, you can tell what I did tonight...? It's also great to browse what other people came up with, some amazing and creative stuff.

baby wishlist


I've gathered a few of my current favorite baby items, both mass produced and handmade, that I'm hoping for. Since we're having a girl I'm wanting softer colors with only a tiny bit of light pink or peach. And since she's due in the middle of Winter I'm really wanting lots of soft knits pieces as well. Yesterday I discovered this Spanish brand Pequeno Tocon whose collection is perfect, to me at least. See more of it here also.

knotted mattress pad | long sleeve tee | basic jumpsuit | cap | knit overalls | slippers | custom made baby swing | ray blanket

Bo Concept



Inspiration from the Bo Concept catalog.

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