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My office space is in need of some refreshing. It gets used so much that it's the first place to get dirty and the last to be cleaned. A little moodboard with colors and textures I like, pulled from magazines and booklets, was just what I needed to stay focused. I had wanted to redo parts of this room and little by little I have. The bookshelf in the corner, new Muuto chairs at the desk, I took the String shelf down and now in its place a this little collage.
I'm hoping by next week I can finish the last wall, behind the computer, with a fresh coat of paint and a wall organizer. Fingers crossed I can get it all done and give you a mini tour of the place. After all, the space you work in most should be one of the most important, easy to clean, organized and simple.

So stay tuned until next week!

San Fran follow up

As promised I have some follow up photos from the great trip to San Francisco provided to us by St. Regis for their Family Traditions program. We were treated so well by the staff at the hotel, what a great experience!
Upon arrival there was a goodie bag waiting for Israel with markers, a sticker book and cute little teddy bear. We had a great time put stickers everywhere.
We fully enjoyed having room service, no dishes for mom to clean is always a good thing.
Each night a special treat was left for Israel of milk and cookies or some other little treat. He loved finding out what would be waiting for him each night.
A mini bathrobe and slippers made morning baths so much more comfy.
The next day walked a few blocks to Blue Bottle for lattes and hot chocolate. One of the nice things about where we stayed was that so much was within walking distance so we could quickly walk down for a coffee and be back to our room in no time. We visited Blue Bottle in New York but this location in Mint Plaza is really beautiful, lots of open windows and tall ceilings.
Later on in the afternoon we made our own custom grape juice. Since San Francisco isn't far from what's considered Wine Country, kids can make their own sort of wine from different grape juices. Israel was able to make his own recipe and bottle his secret formula in a glass bottle. He enjoyed mixing and tasting the different flavors and I must say the finished product was quite good! A chef in the making perhaps?
The next morning we had breakfast in our room and these eggs benedict were my favorite. We first had them at one of the hotels restaurants, Vitrine, and thankfully they are on the room service menu as well. The little enjoyed pancakes to his heart's content!
In traditional SF style, we took a cable car down to the wharf. I knew Israel would love riding up and down the hilly streets with a view!
At the wharf we checked out old ships, bought an owl kite (which he insisted on carrying around everywhere) and watched loud sea lions on the docks.
The following morning we visited Tartine bakery for breakfast pastries. It's just around the corner from Dolores Park, the perfect way to work off those pastries!
After a full morning of playing at the park, a picnic waited for us back at the hotel. There's an open park right across the street from St. Regis so we took our packed goodies over there. Also a perfect place to try out the new kite! We took our basket back to the lobby and then walked across the park yard to the Children's Creativity Museum. I wasn't able to take photos inside of course but we made our own creatures and stop animation, sang a little karaoke, watched a cardboard building demonstration and played puppet theatre. A fun, packed day for us all!

A few more things to note. We had dinner at the other restaurant in the hotel, AME and my husband can't stop talking about it. The food was incredible and all 3 of us left satisfied and with full tummies! If you live nearby I highly recommend you try it, everything we had was amazing.
Another restaurant we had dinner at was Anchor & Hope, also just a few blocks from the hotel. Truly St. Regis is in such a central location with many activities within walking distance for families.

I want to thank St. Regis and the staff at the SF location for their generosity and excellent service! We were treated so well and everyone made our first family trip and unforgettable one. You can read more about the Family Traditions offerings here, follow along on Instagram and Facebook. Don't forget to enter to win a family trip to a destination of your choice.





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in the brassy details



We're back from our trip to SF and I'm trying to get caught up again with the blogging world and stuff I missed. I'll have an update on the trip tomorrow but until then here's some great white + brass interior inspiration for you all. Found here and here.

San Fran



I'm happy to announce we are headed to San Francisco tomorrow! St. Regis Hotels is sending us to experience their new Family Traditions at St. Regis which includes activities tailored for families with small ones.
With Israel having just turned 4 and another soon to arrive in January, the timing of this trip is perfect. We've been wanting to get away just us 3 before baby comes and hearing about all the nice features the this program provides, we're all looking forward to some family time.
In keeping with the traditions and traveling I wanted to share a bit of our process for traveling. We've never gone far with Israel and this will be his first plane ride so I think we'll be making up traditions as we go along. I will of course be bringing my trusty Yvonne Kone bag and also packing the mini Kanken with quiet toys, books and snacks. A few of my favorite little things as well, some La Bruket hand cream, Binchotan toothbrushes (a favorite), sunglasses & case and my phone, which will be doing most of the picture taking.
Although I'm not quite sure how smoothly everything will go, I'm happy to be getting away with the boys for some r&r.

One more noteworthy piece is that tomorrow begins a giveaway for a chance to win your own family trip to a St Regis Resort, at a destination of your choice no less! Just follow @stregishotels on Instagram and make sure to hashtag your family photos with #stregisfamily to enter!

I'll be posting a trip wrap up once we get home of the local sights and sounds but in the meantime you can follow me on Instagram. If anyone has some must see suggestions feel free to leave a comment.



Hi all! I've been a little out of commission the past week as I've been trying to finish up some projects and get ready for our trip this week, more on that later. Tired and in need of some rest, I am happy to get back to the blog! Quickly I wanted to share this place from Fantastik Frank. You can always count on them for great photography and interesting places can't you?

Hope you're well.

Tuesday favorites






new DIY book, omin käsin



A couple weeks ago I received a copy of this inspiring book, the result of a collaboration between stylist Susanna Vento and photographer Riikka Kantinkoski. Both very talented in their own rights, the duo have created a beautifully styled and colorful guide to making your own clothes rack, pot holders and organizing storage. Every page is a treat and even though it's written in Finnish, you can more or less figure out the how-to's.
Easily my current favorite book, get your own copy here!

Brilliant work Susanna & Riikka.

a party for the big 4



Sunday our little Israel turned 4! I haven't been able to completely wrap my brain around the truth that I'm now the mother of a 4 year old. It's true what everyone says, it happens fast.
And as with every party I've thrown, I never get decent photos. As soon as I've finished making food everyone arrives at once, the sun starts to go down and suddenly I've missed out on taking proper photos of the set up. But truly we didn't do much. I wrapped our gifts to him in white and tied balloons to it, made some paper accordian shapes for the tables and was sure to have a variety of little foods for people to snack on. And he requested Minion cupcakes which I made with Twinkies and some candy eyes. I just googled Minion cupcakes and found the easiest cupcake option! All the kids thought they were pretty cool.

Most importantly though, Israel had a lot of fun with his friends and family which is all we really wanted. You can see a few more photos from Sunday on my IG as well as the little scooter we gave him.

Happy Tuesday everyone.

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