staggered hanger DIY


Earlier this week I was looking at this great hanger from Skagerak designed by Christina Liljenberg Halstrøm and tried without much success to source one for myself. And it occured to me I could make something similar (albeit not as nice) for the baby's corner. Here's what I came up with, I thought you might enjoy this little spin off.

I used 1 1/4" dowel, though something a bit thinner would be ideal, and cut them to about 9" wide. I drilled a hole big enough to fit rope through the middle. The I thread about 60" of parachute rope though, knotting the ends to keep the dowels up. I used one continuous piece of rope and knotted it at the top, you can stagger or hang it any way you want.
Other than a little sanding I didn't finish the wood with anything. This could easily be made in an array of colors both in wood & rope.

Hope you enjoy & happy weekend!

one nordic


Finnish company One Nordic really elegant pieces right now. A few of my favorites are this lounge chair, copper pendants and these wooden bowls.



I havw a total crush on these metallic tables from e15. I'll take a steel one please!


salad favorite


It's been a long while since I've shared any personal food stories. I have to say the last few months have been so emotional that my eating habits have become irregular at best. And with pregnancy cravings? Watch out!
One thing I've craved consistently is this salad. I had something like this in a restaurant recently and it was so good I had to try to recreate this at home. It's not quite as good but it comes close enough.

There aren't really instructions for this salad, I just roasted some walnuts, sliced some bell peppers, green apples and added it to a spring mix of lettuces. I also sprinkled some Gorgonzola on top to balance out the sweetness from the apple and balsamic dressing.

If you give it a try (and especially if you like it) I'd love to know!


something new


New seating from Muuto. I'm a fan of the thin legs and rounded shapes.

thinking about...bathrooms

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Lately I've been thinking about bathrooms. What's most important? How is it used most? How can it be beautiful and functional at once? That means something different for everyone but for me with (almost) 2 kids, it needs to be easy to clean. As much as I think tile is beautiful I want as many smooth surfaces as possible so clean up is quick. Also, easy to get to storage means a lot. I want to be able to out towels and bottles away with ease.

What's most important to you for this room in the house?

giveaway! from Wee Gallery


Since announcing that I'm expecting a baby this Winter it's been fun to share a few more kid things.
Likewise I'm happy to share that I'm hosting a great giveaway with Wee Gallery to win 1 of their organic blankets along with a set of nesting dolls to 1 very lucky winner!
I have one of each and I have to say the blanket is one of those baby items I cannot wait to use. The soft cotton muslin is light and airy, so perfect for swaddling and layering.

The giveaway is open to international readers and goes today through midnight Sunday, MST.
To enter, please leave a comment below about your favorite product from Wee Gallery!


FB mix


Happy Monday! Here are a few of the things I saw in my Facebook stream this morning. I like that the end result turned out so dark.

Fashion photography found here | Jin Soon x Tibi manicure | black and gold from &Other Stories | wooden chop boards from Bodie & Fou | Formex snapshots from Annaleena | COTTDS outfit




Sometimes grey is just that perfect compromise between drama and softness and hard to have too much of it.

Photos by Petra Bindel




Inspiring images from Menu. I have a very good feeling about that mirror!



Normann Copenhagen Swell sofa | AML reflector lamp | offcut stool | Oona rug | Ferm Living marble napkins | Tom Dixon bowl set | Iittala Vakka box


ready for the weekend


I don't know about you but this week went by so quickly. Even still I am beyond ready for a weekend break. Although I will probably spend it trying to get caught up on laundry I'm still looking forward to it.
What are your plans for the weekend? (hopefully a whole lot more exciting than mine!)

image from here


Nendo glass


I love the timelessness and sophistication of glass and some of the glass pieces by Nendo are just perfect. The patchwork glass is especially beautiful as its found a way to make quilt like patterns look so much more appealing.

Hanna's room


Great work by Hanna Wessman.


lighting crush: vapeur


There's a good change you've already seen the Vapeur lamp already. It was designed in '09 by Inga Sempé and I really like how delicate and airy it looks. The soft glow would be perfect for above a crib or in a child's room (just thinking out loud here!).
If I had a bigger house, I'd definitely have to make room for this beauty.


thrown together | maternity edition


black & copper geo earrings | leather bum bag by Yvonne Koné | round neck tee | Dr Martens 1461PW white shoes | mama pants

tongue chair


Originally designed by Danish designer Arne Jacobsen is now being reproduced by company HOWE in leather, upholstery and with different colored legs. Read more here.




I've been thinking more and more of the baby's corner in our room and what I want to do with that space. I've thought about painting part of a wall or adding decorative shelves but I think I want to keep it as simple as possible. I don't want to hang a poster so I've been thinking about a portion of wallpaper of fabric hanging behind the crib.
I recently found this Swedish company Photowall that specializes in wall murals and canvas prints, very much the look I was wanting!
I like the flexibility of making your customizing your own print or using one designed by a number of their artists, including Elizabeth Dunker from Fine Little Day!
Personally the idea of having one large printed area rather than a bunch of small details appeals to me since we want to keep the baby's corner as simple as possible and have it still fit in with the rest if our bedroom. For those parents sharing a space with their little one, this could be a great option.


new + weekend links


I feel like I need to apologize for the spotty posting this week. While I'd love to post more frequently and have more thought out articles the truth is some days I'm just so tired or don't feel well and things don't all seem to come together. Thankfully I'm finished with my first trimester of pregnancy but it's still been a bit rough. And at times I still have moments when I feel so heartbroken over losing my dad just 2 1/2 months ago. I miss him every day and have so much I want to share with him but can't, it's beyond frustrating.
But I have still gotten some things done. My jewelry shop has been stocked with some updated items, including these grey & copper earrings above.

I'm signing off for the weekend as I have some catching up to do work wise as well as around the house but before I do here are some noteworthy links to get your weekend started.

My kind sponsor Twig is offering AMM blog readers a special discount of 15% off storewide (even on sale items) valid from today until Tuesday! Use code AMM15 at checkout for your discount.

The ideal outside living area, complete with peonies and lanterns.

Australian based store The Minimalist has just opened a NYC branch, make sure to check it out here.

I love the cool toned styling in this post from Ikea's blog.

H&M has (finally!) opened their webshop, including their lines of home goods here in the US. When we were in Stockholm we visited their store and brought home some great bedding.

These new Oona rugs from Normann Copenhagen are so perfect, their unusual shape and simple lined detail would fit perfectly in our home.

I'm someone who loves lemon juice and I want to get every last drop I can out of each wedge. This turn around juicer from Muuto has a thick base that I think would make it easy to really make the most of those citrus fruits.

Until next week!




Beautiful photos of chairs by Line Klein.


comfort spot


There needs to be one go-to area of the house that we can go to for comfort. A place that's a bit disheveled but lets you relax in your own space. For me it's this little area. It's a cozy corner with lots of stacked books, a soft knit blanket and lots of pillows. I love reading books to my son Israel here, checking emails, talking on the phone or talking with visitors. I'm curious, what's your comfort spot?



A group of glass vessels currently on my table.

Have a wonderful Tuesday!


Zara campaign


Possibly you've already seen this but Zara's new campaign is truly inspiring. The greys, oyster colors with beige and black is just so beautiful.
I am so in the mood for cooler weather seeing these colors and layers.

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