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ready for Autumn?


Danish House Doctor just released their Autumn/Winter catalog with subtle Christmas themes scattered throughout. Is it too soon to start thinking of Winter for you?
For me I welcome it! The Summer gets too hot in the northwest and I crave the milder temperatures, which we only get in the Fall.


a bright kitchen


An open kitchen filled with lots of natural light, from here.




Last week I found these on Etsy, mostly by accident but the giant knitted texture of these pillows caught my eye. The light grey/dark grey combination is perfect and the enlarged texture is pretty fun. What do you think?

on topic


To piggy back off the last post, a bit more color for your midweek.


some color


If you've followed my blog for any length of time you know I'm not big on color. It's not that I don't like color but because I see so many images every day, because I pick up so many colorful toys and laundry and sorting through mail, for me it's easier to keep my home in mostly monochrome to simplify all the varied images I take in each day. Even still there are bits of color that I really like and I think this green Muuto chair and leaf lamp are not at all overdone and compliment the shades of tan and brown surrounding the desk space.

Are you having a nice week so far?
I have a lot of miscellaneous paperwork and things to get done this week but hopefully in the next month I'll have some really great news to share with you!




It's hard for me to ever really get tired of metallics. They are constantly reinvented in different ways and when combined with matte colors, natural surfaces or organic materials they're given new life. I've gathered a few different wearable, decor and practical options for you.

These round shades are flashy and come in silver or gold and I think they're look great with an oversized white tee and cut off shorts with sneakers.
Stella McCartney makes these rosy copper and taupe sandals with a great shape.


I have this silver box in my living room, we brought it home from Copenhagen and you can purchase your own here.
A copper headband from & Other Stories is an easy way to add just a little metallic to your wardrobe.


Superfront makes these handles that I really like. I can see two of these on wardrobe doors.
These metallic pinatas are too pretty to break so they'd either make for a beautiful party or just as decoration.




Beautiful line of earthenware from Portugal, found here.


grey night


I just started my second trimester and while I'm getting more of my energy back, I still find myself going to bed hours earlier than I did before pregnancy. In the Summer I like t keep my bedding mostly white, it seems cool and soft but for some reason I was craving something with deep color and the feeling of comfort. Greys do this for me, make the room feel more cozy and inviting.
When you crave comfort, what's your go to color?




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in shadows


There's something about playing with variations in light that can make an image so powerful. I love this feeling of evening, maybe right after dinner when the day slows down, the kids are in bed (hopefully) and time lets you relax and reflect on the day. Well, at least that's what I imagine when I look at this low lit kitchen!

thrown together


3.1 Phillip Lim tunic | AMM rose gold tube necklace | Acne pascal white sunglasses | COS silk leisure shorts | Acne noa black


Valt projekt


I'm so completely drawn to these interiors that use lots of raw woods but don't overdo it. This place from Folkhem is styled perfectly with nice gradients of whites and bluish greys.

I am ready to move in...now!


Shop Fog Linen

Shop Fog Linen is a beautiful collaboration that brings Fog Linen Work items from Japan to their online store and now available to everyone. I was privileged enough to see several of their items including tableware, towels, and bed linens up close & do a bit of styling with them just for AMM.
Their waffle towels & linen napkins are some of my favorite. I like the texture of waffle knit and the whole range of items comes in great neutrals.
Table linens are such an easy way to modify a dining area. This thick linen cloth has a beautiful weave that would work easily for breezy outdoor dining in the Summer or for an indoor party in the colder months.
Something has to be said about the linen trays. While completely coated and easy to hand wash, you can still feel a slight linen texture unique to each tray. It comes in a variety of patterns too, just in case solids aren't your thing.

Shop Fog Linen also has a selection of things for baby, which I will be shopping in the coming months!




Recently Danish blogger Bungalow5 posted some photos of this beautiful hunting chair by Erling Jessen and it's the perfect addition of warm wood & leather. I've been looking for something in a raw wood to put in our living room, something to break up the monochrome blacks, white & grey so I can really appreciate this addition.

if you're looking for a high chair...

You all know by now that we have another little one on the way. We got rid of almost all the baby furniture & gear we had from Israel so we're kind of starting over. Although a high chair won't even be used for the first several months, it's still great to get an idea of what's available. Here's a few I'm considering.
ONNI chair has this great feature of being able to seat baby around all 4 sides, so it's never turned backwards. I also like the Towerchair in black or white with leather. The thin metal frame is unusually sleek for a high chair and really stylish.
The Stokke Tripp Trapp is a classic high chair that converts as the child grows. I love that feature & the fact it doubles as a junior chair, can be used with a tray or just pushed up to a table. It also comes in quite a few colors. This Artek chair is a nice mix of color (seat back) and light, soft colored wood. It's stripped back shape is simple and unfussy and looks easy to clean.

good morning


It's just past midnight here so I can technically call it (early) morning. I try to take the whole weekend off to do things with the family, unplug more or less, and get caught up on more mundane work. Sometimes you get everything done early and it feels like I can get a jump start on the week.

I'm off to bed now but for some of you it's early morning, hope it's a good one!

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in the details and some weekend links


To be quite honest the house has been in chaos the last few weeks. With my pregnancy I've been so tired and in need of a nap every afternoon, though I rarely get one. With my energy levels low rearranging and cleaning the house has moved to the bottom of the list.
Here are some small details around the house that aren't quite so chaotic.

And since it's Friday here are a few weekend links to keep you occupied:

Several of you have asked about our pencil cups featured in other posts and also above, in the last photo. I am pleased to say you can purchase them now here!

We're selling our Normann Copenhagen coffee table if you're interested, right here on my IG shop. US buyers only, sorry!

Danish furniture company Bolia got a nice facelift for their site, it's like a virtual mood board.

Speaking of Danish, eyewear brand Han Kjøbenhavn has a beautiful NY store and if you're in the area make sure to check it out.

If you've ever wanted to know how to finish & paint concrete floors (I certainly have) look no further.

I've always had a thing for daybeds. I just think it's a great alternative to a chair or sofa and has an easy, disheveled look that's still really chic. Which one would I choose? Hands down it would be this one.

Lastly, I added a few new copper & blue things to my shop & I'm having a sale all week for celebrate! Enter NEWBLUE at checkout for 20% off a $40+ order!

Have a fun and restful weekend!



This has already made it's way around the blogosphere by now but I still thought it worth sharing in case you missed it. Deko presented the house, Maja, at 2013 The Housing Fair Finland.
Read a bit more here.


baby announcement & wishlist!


It's time to come clean with you about something...Jeremiah & I are expecting baby number 2! We found out the day before Mother's Day and the first person I told was my father. It's been a bit difficult to keep this to myself. Going through the loss of my dad while being pregnant has been rough. I was already emotional & not feeling well on top of grieving the sudden death of someone so intricately involved in our lives and someone I love so dearly. For that reason there were moments I wanted to talk openly about everything I was feeling. The excitement of a new child was put on the back burner as I tried to comprehend that the father who was so overjoyed with our news would now not be here to meet his 4th grandchild.

As bittersweet as this is we are very happy to be having another baby and subsequently you can expect more child related material on the blog in the coming months. I've been making a small list of things I want for our little one, though it will be much more minimal this time around as the baby will be sharing our room & I don't want to clutter the space with unnecessary things. So if I don't post lots of little cutesy things, that's why. I'm thinking of space saving, smart things that will make the most of the corner we're using as well as soft, muted colors like grey and white and creams.
You can always follow along with items I find here on my kids Pinterest or just keep an eye out for future posts.

Above I found this great wall mounted diaper dispenser from By Bo Design. This is ideal for us as we will need something on the wall or hanging from the crib rather than a piece of furniture for the small stuff.

I'm due in January so I'm already thinking of soft knits and warmer fabrics. This knitted blanket looks soft & comfy.

I'll say right now that I won't be buying a lot of new toys. Israel already has two big toys boxes and that's enough for two kids, easily. But I can't resist a couple very infant type toys. A soft bug is just enough.

Even though baby won't be eating solids for a while, I still like this linen bib for burpings and protecting clothes from drooling faces.

This is kind of an investment piece but with a second baby I'll need some sort of bouncer or lounger to keep my hands free and the little one entertained. White and simple it's perfectly fitting for baby as well and blends in with our home.

In my head I'm thinking I won't hang any prints or posters around the crib. 1 strand of garland or a mobile is perfect for us. This knitted light bulb garland is probably my favorite garland & I may just buy this now and save it for January!

Thank you for letting us share our good news and family with you!




Some muted greys and blacks in aluminum and concrete. The little bit of gold balances it all out.
Images found here.

On a side note, I can't believe it's only Tuesday. Already this feels like a super long week and I'm honestly ready for the weekend. Hopefully this feeling passes and you aren't feeling quite as anxious as me for the weekend!

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