door as a headboard


Even though this tiny bedroom doesn't have many options, I like the idea of a door behind a bed. Cutting out the panels made a great storage for books and storage for other small things and some chalkboard paint made room for writing notes and messages.

What do you think? Could you use a door as a dual purpose headboard as well?





Since sneakers are so trendy right now, in colder weather with tights and in Summer with skirts and shorts, I thought I'd put together a few of my favorites.

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A few days ago I decided to take down the String shelves in our dining area. All the little things that were on them ended up scattered across our table in the meantime. I love how the changing light makes objects look so different, light and shadow creates such a nice contrast.

Sometimes, it's the little thing.


adding green


It's the time of year when we should take advantage of the new plant life and greenery and try to bring the outdoors in. There are several ways to do this. I like to keep it simple and add some small potted plants in unusual containers, green stems in water filled glass, air plants snuck into bookshelves or in a hanging container. It's a great way to make your space feel fresh and alive.

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This is such a peaceful scene to me, a clear table with plenty of candles next to a brassy fireplace.

I hope everyone is having a nice week so far.




It is with a very heavy heart that I tell you what's been happening with me this past week.

Last Saturday morning I received a shocking phone call that my dad had suddenly passed away. He was extremely healthy, the kind of person who obsessed over what he put in his body and the fact is he suffered an aortic aneurysm while lifting weights at the gym. No one in my family would have suspected this could have happened, I mean he was only 53 and he was planning on doing so many things with us still.
It's hard for me to try to convey to you the man my father was, he was so many wonderful things to me and my mom, my sister, my husband and my son. My parents live only 15 minutes away so I'm still coming to the realization that my dad won't just show up on my doorstep, like he did so many times in the past, and visit with us or want to spend time with Israel. But the truth is that with him gone we have a gaping hole in our lives, one that no one else can fill.
The past week has been the hardest I've ever lived through. Seeing the pain in my family's eyes and not having my dad's comfort and love during a time when I'm in so much pain has made the simplest activities difficult at best.
My father was proud of me for many reasons but I know he was proud of my accomplishments, my goals and it's thinking of that which propels me to continue my blog along with the ambitions we had when he was still with us. Truthfully though the grief comes and goes. Sometimes I can be productive while trying to get back to my normal routine, other times I feel like I could fall apart and never recover. I miss him with all of my heart and I don't quite know how yet to live without him.

And while I promise my blog won't turn into some rambling, emotional online diary for myself I will post some thoughts time to time. Grief and loss is a part of the human experience, everyone encounters it at some point and as terrible as it is I knew someday I would have to face this. If there is anything I've learned so far it's that there is not just 1 way to grieve loss. I've experienced shock, lots of emotions, confusion, hopelessness, anger, frustration but also love and support. Knowing that there are those of you out there who might know what losing a parent feels like and then knowing that you made it, that you're thriving still is something that encourages me tremendously. To know someone else has woken up in the morning already with tears in their eyes, realizing this wasn't some horrible nightmare but that you still moved forward with your life makes me feel that I can do the same.

As difficult as this is to write I wanted to be open and honest with you, dear readers. This blog is so much a part of me, it is something I have made all by myself. I have tried to be as honest and true as I can be so when something as significant as losing one of my greatest supporters happens, I want you to know.
I appreciate your thoughts and prayers for my family, even though you don't know them. Thank you for following, thank you for reading.




Do you follow Norm Architects on Facebook? They keep current on products and projects with lots of beautiful photos.




One of the best things about Summer, outdoor living.
Found here.




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Danny Roche


For one of my favorite magazines, Revs, these photographs have so much depth. It seems like they could almost be pencil drawings, made with thick layers of graphite.

thrown together


Human Being journal | Lilly sunglasses | double layer dress | Avarcas | clear tote bag




I wanted to share a couple new prints that arrived last week, both from one of my favorite Swedish stores, Wonderwall called 'Bones' and 'Backstage Lido No 2'. When we stayed at the Story in March, all of the walls were plastered with great prints & photographs from Wonderwall.
You might even recognize this Judith print from my travel photos, a favorite of mine.




Tonight I got pulled into wandering around the Fritz Hansen site, dreaming of one of my all favorite chairs, the swan chair. But of course there's the sofa by Jaime Hayon and Nap chair. Well it's all great is really the point.


and new floors


My friend Josefin just had her floors refinished and from what she's shown turned out really beautiful. But of course it helps that the rest of the room is so well styled!



To enter, please visit Craft & Culture's store and choose your favorite item. Leave a comment about that item below.
For an extra entry you can follow C&C on Facebook.

Good luck!


a little golden


There's something about the tiniest bit of gold or brass that instantly makes a space more interesting. Especially with lots of matte white and grey surfaces, small amounts gold add a lived-in and sophisticated quality.

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thrown together


Zara jacket with zips | MMM four finger rings | Monki Sirka top | moto ripped shorts | COS flat leather shoes

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This is probably my single favorite new thing right now. I've been watching Design House Stockholm's new line since before we left on our trip a few weeks ago, and after seeing this grow greenhouse I knew I'd love it. Yesterday I planted a small leafy plant inside and it looks happy, I mean I would be!
Now I just need to decide on the right place to keep it because it really looks nice everywhere.

soft gallery


Emma mentioned this recently, beautiful images by Line Klein and featured on Yvonne Koné's blog for Barbara of Soft Gallery.
See more beautiful images on Yvonne's blog.


recipe: broccoli garlic pizza


I made this earlier today as a sort of experiment but it turned out great so I thought I'd share it with all of you.
I used a ready made, uncooked, whole wheat pizza dough that I bought at the store but you could easily make your own. I've done this before and you can find some simple dough recipes online.

You'll need:

pizza dough
broccoli cut into bite sized pieces
spinach, also cut into small pieces
grated asiago cheese (or another strong, dry cheese)
minced garlic
olive oil

There aren't specific amounts of anything because it's completely up to you. I put some olive oil and minced garlic in a food processor with a tiny bit of butter for consistency
and rubbed it all over the rolled out dough. The I added the broccoli, spinach, cheese and baked it at 200 C / 400 F for about 15 minutes.

It's kind of this great, guilt free meatless pizza. I hope you get a chance to try it, enjoy!



This new pillow cover from Minushka is currently making its rounds from room to room in our house. The illustrations are so nice with one side, Extrovert and the other side, Introvert. Check out the store for ceramics, textiles, posters and more and follow on Instagram for updates as well.



For the past week or so I've been following Blackbird on Instagram as she updates this apartment she's been styling. Today it was officially listed with a full tour of the place.

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