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mini series: Neybers



Last month I was introduced to a new site out of Stockholm called Neybers, a creative community that lets you explore and design your own virtual spaces from top to bottom. I was happy to jump aboard to help promote this fun new place. From using Neybers I've realized this is a great model to testing products but also being introduced to new things or getting a clearer picture of how certain objects look together.
I'll be sharing 3 rooms I designed over the course of the next 3 weeks so watch out for the other two.
For now here's what I came up with. Let me just say that this is fun and easy way to spend your evening after the kids are in bed, you can tell what I did tonight...? It's also great to browse what other people came up with, some amazing and creative stuff.


  1. Ahhh how lovely!! Thanks for sharing and you did a great job creating your first one!
    Def. going to check this website! xx Sofie

  2. Great to see you there too! :)

  3. Looking forward to seeing the other two! This one looks great.


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