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baby announcement & wishlist!



It's time to come clean with you about something...Jeremiah & I are expecting baby number 2! We found out the day before Mother's Day and the first person I told was my father. It's been a bit difficult to keep this to myself. Going through the loss of my dad while being pregnant has been rough. I was already emotional & not feeling well on top of grieving the sudden death of someone so intricately involved in our lives and someone I love so dearly. For that reason there were moments I wanted to talk openly about everything I was feeling. The excitement of a new child was put on the back burner as I tried to comprehend that the father who was so overjoyed with our news would now not be here to meet his 4th grandchild.

As bittersweet as this is we are very happy to be having another baby and subsequently you can expect more child related material on the blog in the coming months. I've been making a small list of things I want for our little one, though it will be much more minimal this time around as the baby will be sharing our room & I don't want to clutter the space with unnecessary things. So if I don't post lots of little cutesy things, that's why. I'm thinking of space saving, smart things that will make the most of the corner we're using as well as soft, muted colors like grey and white and creams.
You can always follow along with items I find here on my kids Pinterest or just keep an eye out for future posts.

Above I found this great wall mounted diaper dispenser from By Bo Design. This is ideal for us as we will need something on the wall or hanging from the crib rather than a piece of furniture for the small stuff.

I'm due in January so I'm already thinking of soft knits and warmer fabrics. This knitted blanket looks soft & comfy.

I'll say right now that I won't be buying a lot of new toys. Israel already has two big toys boxes and that's enough for two kids, easily. But I can't resist a couple very infant type toys. A soft bug is just enough.

Even though baby won't be eating solids for a while, I still like this linen bib for burpings and protecting clothes from drooling faces.

This is kind of an investment piece but with a second baby I'll need some sort of bouncer or lounger to keep my hands free and the little one entertained. White and simple it's perfectly fitting for baby as well and blends in with our home.

In my head I'm thinking I won't hang any prints or posters around the crib. 1 strand of garland or a mobile is perfect for us. This knitted light bulb garland is probably my favorite garland & I may just buy this now and save it for January!

Thank you for letting us share our good news and family with you!

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