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The week has gone by so quickly & I can't believe tomorrow is Friday. The weather is warming up a bit and I think I'll be sorting through Winter clothes this weekend, packing them away for the Summer. Israel got a new bike this week so I'm sure we will also be outside playing quite a bit!

I hope you all have nice plans for the weekend, even if it is something as simple as enjoying the sun and a bit of warmth.


  1. It's still raining over here in Germany. But better than snow ... so I still believe that spring is on its way! I'll get our house all spring like!

  2. Sí, también empezamos a tener buen tiempo, así q a disfrutar

  3. The picture is very nice: Agent Bauer is such am endless source of inspiration, isn't it? :)

    I hope the jet lag is beginning to be just a bad memory. I loved Israel's picture with his new bike: he must be so excited. Eventually spring has arrived to Barcelona: it happened in just two days. Very quick.

    Enjoy the week-end!

    Elena x


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